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February 7

We got through the first day of therapy and it was exhausting for both of us.  Payne met with 4 different therapists in the AM and then repeated with two of them in the afternoon.  Counting back I think I met with 5 different doctors and 8 different therapists, social workers, etc in addition to all his nurses.  It is definitely a team effort.  The first thing they do each morning is get him dressed in regular clothes.  It was nice to see him in a T-shirt and shorts.  In addition to all his therapies, yesterday he was visited by a team from the Mike Furrey Foundation who gave him a Basket of Hope.  This held items that a 16 year boy would like such as a basketball, OSU cinch bag, Axe cologne, etc.  Mike Furrey is a former NFL player from the Columbus area who now coaches at Marshall University.  The best part of the whole thing is that when the two gentleman said goodbye to Payne, he reached out and shook both of their hands.  He now gives us a thumbs up for yes (most of the time) and gives high 5's.  It takes awhile for him to process it and he is slow in motion, but he is able to follow the commands.   Slowly but surely his brain his healing and he is starting to relearn some simple tasks.  It is going to be a long, slow road however, so far he learns something new each day.  WHIO TV is going to run news story on all the support he has received tonight during the 5 PM news.  For those of you who are out of town, you might be able to see it on their website after it airs.  A side note to Payne's friends:  as I write this, Payne is watching Sponge Bob on TV.  Of course he is watching this with pretty good focus!
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51 Comentarios

Sharon Baltzer
By Sharon Baltzer
Thrilled that Payne is out of the coma!!! Praying he will make giant strides daily toward his complete recovery!! The segment on WHIO was a testimony to faith, community, and the love so many have for Payne and for your family! You are amazing and a witness to the rest of us of what faith and strength really look like! Take care!
brad stork
By The Stork family
Every long journey starts with one small step and it is wonderful to hear the many steps Payne takes every day! Thanks again for taking the time to post these entries as they are truly inspiring!
Donna Mathews
By Donna & Dave Mathews
The new hospital and therapy program and people sound wonderful. What a blessing from God! The WHIO story was very, very powerful. Payne and his group of friends are an inspiration to us. Such love.
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Cora Conley
By Cora and sterling Conley and autumn smith
Mark,Jenness and Shelby sigmas ,we were so shock when we learn about Payne that we broke down in tears and to let you know how much we care for really care for you guys. Our prayers are starting right now,won't you to know that we are here even if you need someone to eat with,what ever it is.we love u guys!
Sonya Smith
By Sonya Smith
Mark and Jenness, my mom MJ and I watched the story about Payne this eve, and it was a wonderful for story! We were touched and moved as we have been. We want to send our continued love, prayers and support to you all. I'm loving Payne's progress! Take care, Sonya and family.
Glenda Wilkins
By Glenda Wilkins
Thank you for sharing your hard story with the community. I've never met Payne, but have learned from your experience that God is both intimate as seen through the wonderful support of your Bellbrook neighbors and He is all-powerful as we watch Payne cooperate and respond to God's healing touch. Praying continually with you.
Susan Peters
By Susan Peters
Wonderful story on WHIO. Payne is so lucky to have Josh. Josh is so lucky to have Payne. Be brave.
Sharon and Grady Troute
By Sharon Shipley Troute
Great coverage by Channel 7 news. That story will increase awareness and prayers for Payne and his family. God bless and strengthen you all.
Nicole Harding
By Brady Nicki Jack & Madison Harding
Glad to hear about Payne's progress! We were very happy to see Payne and Shelby getting support from Shelby's #capfam and #play4payne this weekend at Capital University!
Aimee Martin
By Aimee Martin
He truly is an inspiration! God has big plans for Payne. Love to you all until we see you