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February 7

We got through the first day of therapy and it was exhausting for both of us.  Payne met with 4 different therapists in the AM and then repeated with two of them in the afternoon.  Counting back I think I met with 5 different doctors and 8 different therapists, social workers, etc in addition to all his nurses.  It is definitely a team effort.  The first thing they do each morning is get him dressed in regular clothes.  It was nice to see him in a T-shirt and shorts.  In addition to all his therapies, yesterday he was visited by a team from the Mike Furrey Foundation who gave him a Basket of Hope.  This held items that a 16 year boy would like such as a basketball, OSU cinch bag, Axe cologne, etc.  Mike Furrey is a former NFL player from the Columbus area who now coaches at Marshall University.  The best part of the whole thing is that when the two gentleman said goodbye to Payne, he reached out and shook both of their hands.  He now gives us a thumbs up for yes (most of the time) and gives high 5's.  It takes awhile for him to process it and he is slow in motion, but he is able to follow the commands.   Slowly but surely his brain his healing and he is starting to relearn some simple tasks.  It is going to be a long, slow road however, so far he learns something new each day.  WHIO TV is going to run news story on all the support he has received tonight during the 5 PM news.  For those of you who are out of town, you might be able to see it on their website after it airs.  A side note to Payne's friends:  as I write this, Payne is watching Sponge Bob on TV.  Of course he is watching this with pretty good focus!
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Melinda Kaye Brandt
By Melinda Kaye Brandt
Thank you for your updates - you are in my prayers! Your pew seems very empty in church, but I pray for the day we see you again. Know you are not alone, and call if there is anything I can do to help (really!). 281 961 0948
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Melissa Moody
By Melissa Moody
What wonderful news! I can't tell you how emotional I got reading today's update - thumbs up, high fives, and watching Sponge Bob - what more could you ask for?? Continued prayers for all of you - and remember that if you need anything at all, we are all just a phone call away! Love to you all!
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Andy~Scott~Connor Robinson
By Scott~Andy & Connor 💜
high fives and handshakes... love that!!🏈🏈🏈
Debbie Horn Poston
By Deb Poston
Praise God. Such wonderful news!! I know it hard work but keep on doing what your doing Payne!!!
Kimberly Bacon
By Kimberly, Chad, and Michael Bacon
Thank you so much for the daily updates. Everyone in Bellbrook has Payne in our thoughts and prayers daily. We are thrilled to hear about all the amazing progress that Payne is making! He is truly an inspiration to us all!
Paula Maue
By Paula Maue
Thanks, Jenness for your faithful daily updates! Glad to hear of Payne's progress! Sometimes it is not "One Day at a time, but One Thing at a time." He and your family continue to be held up in prayer!
ahelly benson
By shelly benson
So glad to hear that he enjoys sponge bob, it is still one of my favorites because it takes place in the ocean. Love hearing all the progress he is making.
Deana Jones
We are extremely excited to hear about Payne's progress. Keep it up Payne!
Mary C Graves
By Mary C Graves
So glad Payne is on the is a long hard road, but I feel sure he will progress more quickly now that his brain is healing....he has wonderful parents and a great support system, with God in his corner. He is in my prayers daily...
Natalie Powlette
By Corey, Natalie, Mackenzie and Spencer Powlette
Take care of yourselves and each other. Blessings coming Payne's way with more prayers and strength for another day filled with positive progress!