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February 6

We are in Columbus!  He is on the 9th floor in the inpatient rehabilitation unit with a beautiful view of downtown Columbus.  There are only a 3 patients right now in his unit, so he is getting a lot of attention.  In fact, they had a nurse spend the night in his room so that I could actually sleep in a bed in the Ronald McDonald house.  He is following simple commands from the doctors such as touch your nose which means he is entering the next phase of his recovery.  He has full day ahead of him with occupational, physical, speech and recreational therapies in the morning and again in the afternoon.  He will also have a session of massage therapy (I think I could use that as well!).  They treat his day like a school day.  It starts at 7:30 AM and will end around 4:30 PM with a break for lunch. They are also looking at taking out his trach soon, if not today.  This hospital is only 2 years old so everything is new, beautiful and current.  We are very eager to see how he progresses in this new environment.
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angela blust
By Angela Blust
So happy to hear - we continue to pray for his recovery.
Brenna B
By Brenna
Wonderful news! Thank you for the continued updates.
Teressa Anderson
By Teressa Anderson
Jenness...I'm so happy that Payne is doing better. You are all such an awesome family and I pray every night that this ordeal will soon be over and your sweet boy will be back at home with you!
Brock Bowman
By Brock Bowman
I'm glad to see everything is going well and also see that you are liking the hospital!! I hope that the Ronald McDonald house is treating you nice! (I used to work at McDonald's)
Martha Knox-Stanfill
I'm so glad to hear you got to Columbus safely & the progress Payne is making We will continue praying for Payne. My sister-in law Bill's sister is also in Columbus at the cancer unit,
Please pray for her
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Susan Peters
By Susan Peters
Continued prayers.
marcie breese
By Marcie Breese
All right Payne, it is time to kick it in to gear the real work starts now!!! So glad your Mom got a good night's sleep!
pam schultz
By Pam, Rob, Abby, and Zachary
That is wonderful news.
Marjorie Schofield
By Marjorie Schofield
Praise the Lord that Payne has been moved to this new facility. I will pray that his trach is removed so we can see even more progress.
Lori Orman
By Lori and Dan Orman
So glad to hear about Payne's progress! Each small step adds up over time and hopefully he continues on this positive path. Kudos to the Sigman family and all of Payne's support network. Though it is surely hard to think of yourselves at such a difficult time, a little self-care is important and deserved. Will make you all the stronger for Payne! Continued thoughts and prayers to Payne and those surrounding him.
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