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Payne’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Dec. 15

Things are finally slowing down a little for Payne this week.  His goal is to have one day when he actually will not have to set his alarm.  That has not happened since school has started because he has had early morning commitments on every Saturday and Sunday.  He got through all of his major school projects last week and only has 3 semester exams this week.  That means he does not have to attend school at all on Wednesday, and he does not have to report until later in the day on Thursday and Friday (can sleep in!).  Payne took the ACT on Saturday and actually walked out with a big smile on his face.  He is confident that he did well.  Hopefully he is accurate with his assessment.

He had great therapy session on Sunday morning.  Since he meets at his therapist's home, they get creative with space.  I have posted a picture of Payne lying on the dining room table while his therapist works with him.  We are still seeing small improvements in his gait and are adding complexity to his movements.  He really has to focus on relaxing his left hand while walking.  When he gets tired, the tone tries to set in.  We are also adding movements that will lead up to correct running form.  As with walking, his left arm does not want to swing normally, it takes a lot of focus on Payne's part to make his arm swing with each step.

In addition to his therapy exercises, Payne is also working out with dumb bells and a Blowflex at home.  He is not back to where he was with respect to strength before the accident, but he has been able to gradually add more and more weight.  With his lighter load at school this week, we are hoping to get in an extra session or 2 with his trainer at The Edge.  His exercising took a back seat a little bit while he was so busy with school work.  Now we can make it a bigger focus for the next couple weeks.

We had his senior pictures taken last week.  On the way in to the studio, I shared with Payne how thrilled I was that we were actually able to do this.  In addition, he looks like his old self.  His accident has caused us to appreciate all of these little milestones so much more.

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Jean Annas
By Jean Annas
Know Payne is glad to have both finals & ACT behind him...and can maybe eek in another sleep-in day (or two) during the school break! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Season. As the year draws to a close and we reflect on the past year, the Sigman family will truly be at the top of our blessings list. Its amazing to see prayers answered so vividly and fully--renews our strength and refreshed our faith daily. See you in the New Year!! Jean, Richard, Stephen & Jason Annas
Russ Rau
Congratulations Payne. So happy for your progress.

Love, Russ & Carol Rau and Shari
shannon Driskell
By The Driskell Family
So glad to hear Payne finally gets to sleep in a few days--you definitely deserve it Payne! It is wonderful to hear that Payne thinks he did well on the ACT! Keep up your dedication Payne--it is paying off! Happy holidays to you all!
Julie Kimmel
By Julie Kimmel
So glad you are still making improvements and as someone who is not a good morning person, you can sleep in late! I'm very thankful to God that sleeping in is our goal now. Praise be to God!
Alice Webb
By Alice Webb
These Senior pictures will always have a special meaning for you all! Great report! God bless!!!!
Kathy & Ken Kingston
What joy! I "hear" it in every word. Payne's progress is so remarkable--right down to all the small improvements that require so much time and patience. Constantly thanking God for His grace and healing. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas holiday time together and just let His love and peace minister to you. You are so loved and appreciated! Prayers continue. Hugs, love and blessings ~
Ginny Greene
By Ginny
It is so neat you can share those types of thoughts and emotions with Payne and the rest of your family. This Christmas Season will certainly be a welcome one and full of the true Christmas Spirit shared by Team Soan/Zerkle.
Diane Jackson
Jenness, your family is a true inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing Payne's story along with your families personal journey this past year in such a way that we feel we are right at your side cheering for Payne daily. At this time of year, we send you and the whole family prayers for a very Merry Christmas and celebratory New Year.
Mike Diffenderfer
By Mike Diffenderfer/Nebraska
A year to remember and thank God for Payne.
Shawn Clark
By Shawn Clark
Reading this brings a big smile to my face too! God is good and Payne is working so hard! God will surely continue to bless his efforts and restore his left side and his strength! Praise God for all he has done for Payne and all He is yet to do!!! Thank you for reminding all of us to appreciate, not only the big milestones in life like senior pictures, but also, the daily gift of life and family! God bless you and yours!