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Payne’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

October 19

Today is the 9 month anniversary since Payne's accident.  On one hand it is hard to believe that it has been 9 months, yet at the same time it has been a long process.  Yesterday morning Payne met with his new therapist for a session.  Due to his daily dedication to all of his new exercises, his therapist could already see progress.  As  result, he has combined some exercises into a single movement.  For example, Payne used to do reps of just lifting his ankle, reps of extending his knee, and then reps of lifting his leg at the hip.  Now he combines all 3 exercises together.  We are all feeling very positive about the changes we have seen in the past few weeks.  Another emphasis is now Payne's posture.  His therapist is really having him focus on his shoulders and neck while sitting, standing and exercising.

Last night was the Bellbrook homecoming dance.  Payne had a great time.  I have posted a picture of him with his date.  We realized how much he has improved since prom where he had to use a walking stick to get around.  Last night he did not even wear his ankle brace so that he could fit into dress shoes.  He said he was able to dance for the most part.

On Monday Payne was interviewed for an article that is going to run this Thursday in the Dayton Daily News.  The article will be stressing his recovery process.  We are not sure if it will run in the Neighbors section or the main paper.  Mark and I were interviewed as well.

All in all it was another good week with forward progress continuing.

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Shari Bonn
By Shari Bonn

Was having it's a "small world" conversation with my daughter yesterday, explaining about Payne's accident. Told her that both of her parents had gone to school with you and your dad being my Principal all of elementary school. Made me realize I hadn't checked in for a while and I wanted to see his progress. I know it's been a very long road, but every time I've checked your posts, it seems as if he's making progress!!! I am so glad to read that he's doing better and I hope you're whole family is too!
Russ Rau
Great news about Payne. Keep up your full recovery Payne.
Love, Russ and Carol Rau and Shari
Janice Mason
By Janice Mason
It was so nice of Payne and the other football players to coach the powderpuff teams
Donna_Dale Hutcherson
By Donna Hutcherson
Dale and I have enjoyed following Payne's progress since you started caring bridge. Now with Dale in stroke rehab, your posts give me hope. Thank you for continuing them.
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Diana Blowers
By Diana Blowers
It will be in the Neighbors section that goes to Greene County (could appear in other zones but no guarantee)
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shannon Driskell
By The Driskell Family
It is awesome to hear that Payne's PT can already see a difference--that is definitely great motivation for Payne. Keep up the great work Payne!
Kathy & Ken Kingston
By Ken and Kathy Kingston
Gosh, I can't tell you how inspiring and uplifting your weekly updates are, Jenness. They are exciting because of the continuing progress you see and share which, in turn, builds my faith exponentially! Thank you for that! Also I just have to say how encouraging it was to see Payne jog out on the field on Senior Night for soccer! His gait looked very solid and normal ( though it probably wasn't aa easy as it appeared). It seems every time we see him, he has gained more strength and stability. My spirit soars every time I see him and how far he has come. God always finishes what He starts--and always sends the right resources at the right time! Hebrews 4: 16 Love, hugs & blessings ~
Jeannie Madison
By Jeannie Madison
Of course forward progress is continuing! Remarkable. Oceans of Prayers continue.
Ginny Greene
By Ginny
Continued positive news is great to read. Keep it up Team Sigman