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Payne’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

November 16

Late last week I got an email from a guidance counselor at a middle school in Dearborn, MI.  At her school, they are starting their own National Junior Honor Society and are holding their first induction ceremony this Thursday 11/20.  She had searched on Youtube for ideas for their induction ceremony and found the video of Payne's speech at Bellbrook's ceremony last May.  She contacted me as the principal to see if I had contact information for Payne because they want to show his speech as the keynote for their ceremony.  I explained that I am also Payne's mom, so I can give her permission.  They will also be calling Payne that night, and he will give a few more words at their ceremony via speaker phone.  We thought it was pretty neat that his speech will be viewed by kids at a middle school in Michigan.

Payne is continuing with his many exercises.  On Saturday, his therapist added a few more exercises as preparation to improve his running gait.  Payne also worked out with his trainer on Friday, and she gave him some new exercises as well.   He could easily spend a couple hours each night on all his exercises if he had the time.  We are working on a schedule where he alternates them every other night.  I know at times he feels like he has no down time or leisure time.  However both his therapist and his trainer remind him that he has to sacrifice for the next year or so while the window for improvement is open.  His therapist will say that it stinks that he has to go through this, but it is what it is.  We can't look back and just have to deal with the situation at hand.  We remind ourselves daily that we are so very fortunate that Payne is where he is at this point.  We are thrilled that he is able to do so many of these exercises and that they are still making a positive difference.

This past week Mark has been going back and reading previous journal entries from last winter and spring.  As he looks back, he is reminded and amazed at the outpouring of support from all the caring bridge readers.  When you see that there are over 120,000 hits on this site, it is incredible. Thank you again to everyone.

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Jean Annas
By Jean Annas
What a cool thing for that teacher to turn to Youtube for inspiration and find Payne!! We know how she felt.... we've been so inspired by his story, his efforts, his determination as well. Press on, Payne!
Kevin Martin
By Kevin Martin
We all yearn for relevance and the ability to influence others. At a great cost Payne has been given this platform to transform lives and influence others. Awesome to watch, be encouraged, as we are encouraged from you.
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Pam Hester
By Pam and Bob
That is so cool that they are using Payne's speech at a Middle School in Michigan! He continues to touch many lives in a positve way. Still praying for him every day. HIs diligence in keeping up with his exercises, despite all the other things he has going on in his life, is amazing. What a role model he is to others through everything he has gone through.
karen metzler
By Karen Metzler and family
What an inspiration Payne and your family continues to be! Thank you all for sharing his incredible journey with us. We are in awe of the amazing progress he has made. The call from Michigan just shows that God is not done with him yet! More good things are coming! God is sooooo good! Keep up the hard work Payne!
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Alice Webb
By Alice Webb
As Payne gets closer to the anniversary date of the accident, the distance he has come is such a statement of miracles. So thankful he was spared, so thankful for his progress, and so thankful for the inspiration he has had on others! He has glorified God every step of the way as has your family! God bless!
Ginny Greene
By Ginny
Payne, your Eagle wings are spreading into Michigan and touching lives of young people. I
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Melissa Lush
By Melissa Lush — last edited
Huge and deserved honor for Payne from the Mich school. I know they will be so impressed by the video and by his own words coming to them. I hope he might see that this is one of the rewards for his endless and exhausting rehab routine but in the end it is worth it as you say, the "window" is still open and he must grasp it while he can as he will always look back on these times as the years that brought him back into the world more completely. His life will forever be better for his efforts now. What a great kid but even great kids can burn out so I imagine the breaks he gets to just be with his friends are even more precious to him now.
Julie Kimmel
By Julie Kimmel
Payne...hang in there! I know there is a part of you that just wants to relax! You have come soooo far! You deserve that chance to relax. But you know, your excellent work ethic, determination and desire to be the best you can be won't let you relax just yet. Look at how many people your story has touched. Your courage and God's will has prepared you for a great future!!
Cathy St. Pierre
By Cathy, Keith, Angela, and Jen St. Pierre
Payne... your progress is truly amazing, but we are likewise so impressed with the non-stop dedication to exercises and hard work and therapy sessions--- You have come so far and yet you strive for more improvement... You are such an inspiration to us... never give up and always try to improve... Great Lessons for all of us... Good luck and our thoughts and prayers continue...
shannon Driskell
By The Driskell Family
Payne, We are extremely impressed with your high level of motivation, dedication, and perseverance. Your work is paying off--keep it up! Hats off to you for being acknowledged by the middle school in Michigan!