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Better Late than Never

Paxton was admitted to Children's Hospital on Tuesday not to receive his 4th round of chemo but instead due to having a very difficult time at home.  He was very congested and struggling a bit too much to breathe comfortably.  

Upon assessment, a viral infection was a potential diagnosis because of his congestion, high heart rate and low oxygen levels.  Danna feels this is a less likely possibility as he has not had a fever.  What was ultimately determined, due to Danna's watchful eye, was that there has been a long-standing medication error made by Walgreens pharmacy. Due to a math conversion error, and a misprint on the dosing label, Paxton has been receiving one tenth the appropriate steroid dosage each time he has returned home from the hospital.   Each time he returned to the hospital, he would receive 10 times the amount he was getting at home. These types of sudden, drastic drop in steroid dosage is very difficult on any body. Outside of his chemotherapy, steroids are the single most imperative medication Paxton takes. As if he hasn't dealt with enough. It will be interesting to witness how correcting this mistake will effect his demeanor, ability to breathe, etc.  

He did receive another transfusion today due to low hemoglobin levels. Paxton will continue to wait to begin his 4th round of chemo until his platelet levels rebound. Please keep sending positive vibes that he will be able to complete this round soon.