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Like ripping off a bandaid, let's get the bad news out of the way.

Paxton did not begin chemotherapy today as originally scheduled due to the fact that his blood counts are not at a safe level to do so.  He will have another blood draw Wednesday to determine if the platelet levels are at a minimal optimal level.  The upcoming round of chemo, which will be his 4th, is the shorter round.  It is still very possible that he could complete this round before the week is over.

Relish, now, in the good news.  

The last round of chemo caused him to become sick just about everyday this past week. Despite this, Little Paxton was very chatty, engaging, and smiley for most of the week. "I wish you could have seen him" Danna mentioned to some of us. The photo in this post is from the highlight reel.  

AND, check this out...he rolled over!   Right on schedule.  This little sweetie is amazing. Danna swears, as much as she wanted to help him kick that little leg over to complete the roll, she didn't.  He did it himself.  Danna, John and Grammie cheered so loudly, they startled him a little.  They'll bring down the house when he takes his first steps.

Also, another special thank you to Daniel Olkives for a wonderful benefit on this past Sunday.  Your hard work is deeply appreciated. 

PS check out the new photos.  You'll want to snuggle with the little guy even more when you see his cheeks.

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