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Father's Day

I will start this entry by saying that it has a happy ending, relatively speaking.  It's the beginning and middle of the story that is hard to stomach.

Paxton was admitted June 11th as scheduled to Children's to begin his 3rd round of chemotherapy, a 5 day course.  A couple days into his stay, a chest x-ray was ordered to determine whether he had fluid building up in his lungs.  A portable x-ray machine, which Danna very appropriately dubs a Zambonie, was rolled into his room.  As the machine was being rolled in, it caught the tubing attached to Paxton's central line thereby ripping it out of his chest.  This line is not like an IV inserted by a needle into his body.  This line is surgically implanted and tearing it out was traumatic.  The event resulted in an interruption to chemo, another surgery to reimplant the line and another unpleasant recovery from being put under anesthesia.  He is 4 months old and has 5 surgeries to his name.

The bright side...Paxton's left eye is looking much better and the scratch to his cornea has improved such that he no longer has to wear a patch over that eye 23 hours a day.  His steriod intake has been tapered slightly and he is tolerating a lower dose without the side effect of increased swelling of his eyes an nasal cavities.

The brighest side was that he got to come home on Father's Day!  John is giving new meaning to the word Father.

The Andrews are looking forward to a quiet week at home.  Paxton is scheduled to return for round 4 June 25th.  The nausea related to chemotherapy has caused an awful start to that week. Hoping it will end as abruptly as it started so everyone can have a moment of peace.

Thank you for you continued support of Danna, John and baby Paxton.



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