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Cool Treats and Fancy Feet

Taliah Plach is pictured on the right.

Warm weather and a good cause made Taliah Plach's lemonade stand very successful this past weekend.  This little girl, the daughter of Danna's friend, worked to raise over $75 at her stand. Thank you, Taliah for taking the time to help little Paxton.  You are clearly a special girl.

In a show of support and because she truly loves Danna, Lenny (just Lenny, much like Cher or Madonna) tattooed her foot with Paxton's name using a design she created.  The photo of her work is in the photos section of this site.  If you know Lenny, you would not be surprised by her gesture.  Despite her colorful exterior, multiple piercings and sharp hair (potentially painful if you go in for a hug at a bad angle) this woman is a kind, kind soul.  What may surprise you is that there is a square inch on her body that is not already tattooed.  I should have had her donate a $1 each time she swore or squeezed the stress ball while getting her tattoo.  Paxton, could have had college paid for.

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