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Paxten’s Story

Paxten Andrew Mitchell went to heaven to live in his gold castle and ride his nice purple dragon on April 6th, 2008 at 7:28 Sunday morning.


Many more pictures on my space account;

This is the story of our sweet baby boy, Paxten Andrew Mitchell. He passed from this world while in the embrace of Rob and I telling him it was ok to go and we will love him forever. I was singing him his "night night" song as he took his last breath. He is and will always be a part of us. We wait patiently til we see him again in the blink of an eye in heaven. He was diagnosed with ALL on October 20th, 2006. In early November we found out he has hypodiploid ALL which decreases his prognosis from 90% to 40%. He was prayed for across the nation and we believe has a special purpose in this world.

This is the story of Paxten Andrew Mitchell. It is an ongoing story and will be for a long time. I journal this not because I want anyone to feel sorry for us. I just want you to realize the love we have for Paxten and the faith we have in God and with the hope that even one soul will be saved with his life story.  We pray that his story will contribute to the long awaited cure for cancer. I will start from the beginning which was in 2002. Rob and I were undergoing many fertility treatments and the emotional rollercoster of infertility. We prayed every day for a baby. We prayed by ourselves, together, with family members, and I can even remember praying with a very supportive employer. About a year into fertility treatments, I was very discouraged (once again) one night at a family members house. That night I had a "dream". The room lit up and a voice loudly proclaimed "Do not be sad anymore, you will have a son and his name will be Andrew." You may think it was truly a dream or that I am truly crazy; but I tell you this. When Rob came into the room he saw I was crying (from joy). He told me he had been in the bathroom praying for the same thing and felt a sense of peace. A year later after many fertility drugs, surgery, and AI; we gave up. Rob and I talked about it and decided that we should just give it up to God and quit all the "medical stuff". One month later we were pregnant.Then after five months on bedrest and an unplanned C-Section on September 7th, 2004 the most beautiful baby boy was born named Paxten Andrew Mitchell. I have not lived a perfect life, I do not deserve such a reward from God, but I truly believe that Paxten Andrew is a gift from God.

Latest Journal Update

Happy angel day

Happy 6th Heaven day Pax.  Its kinda hard to fathom that 6 long years have came and gone.  Ari is growing up and is 6 years old and little Levi is 2 years old.  Levi is a mini-you.  He favors you so much.  We all miss you so much, but much more on days like these.  I would like to think that you are having some sort of party up their in heaven, I'll find out one day though:) We will try and keep our chins up, think of the happy memories, and think of the love we had/have, not of what was lost.  We miss you and honor you this day son.  We love you.


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Jocelyn Keefer
By Jocelyn
Said a prayer for you all yesterday. And blessed my day by looking at smiling pictures of sweet Paxten. What an amazing child....with wonderful parents. I can only fathom the number of lives you all have touched. God bless.
Cheryll Bennett
Happy Angel Day beautiful Paxten! You are so loved and missed.
Anita Wages
By Anita Wages
Happy Birthday in Heaven sweet boy. I can't believe it's been 6 years. It seems like yesterday. Those of us who followed you then and still do today, had our hearts broken that day. But we know that our loss was Heavens gain. I lost my grandson the year before. We will have a reunion one day.
Janet Wilson
By Janet Wilson
Thinking of you today. Praying for you as you remember your sweet boy. Many many blessings of peace and grace.
(Jenna's Meemee)
By Nancy
I think of your family every day