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By Bobbi Brooker Sundman — Oct 8, 2013 6:20am
This will take time...a good year of time. I lost my dad when he was 56. I watched my mom, a quiet, gentle woman who had never even paid a bill before, become an amazingly strong, self-reliant, inspiration to me and many others. You have been through the toughest time of your life. You can get through anything else. Give it time. Get out. Stay busy, in your routine. Be with people as much as possible. They want to be with you...very much. The alone times are the hardest. I cried most days while driving to work in the car. I was alone. Once I was with people I was so much better. You'll never forget the wonderful memories, don't worry about that. But, yes, you'll start thinking about Paul less and less and you might think if that happens, he'll be gone forever. Nope. Never. Always there, sometimes at funny moments, and you'll laugh and cry at the same time. Its good. You can do this. In time.