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Patrick’s Story

Welcome to Patrick's CaringBridge site, a place where we'll keep you updated about Patrick and his condition.

Patrick is 15 years old and is in urgent need of a donor for a kidney transplant due to chronic renal failure. Please read his story for more information on his condition.

To be a possible donor, contact Cathy Garvey at 1-800-328-5465, Ref: Patrick Sibert, DOB 2/24/94


Patrick underwent a successful transplant, receiving a kidney from his mom,14 years ago after being born with renal failure. Over the last year, Patrick's kidney function has declined.  Due to a build up of harmful antibodies in his blood, his odds of finding a compatible donor are drastically reduced (only a 6% chance of finding a match), with his very own family being the least compatible for him. Patrick's prognosis is very good... once a donor is found and he receives a transplant, but finding a donor is the difficult part.

Patrick has been in and out of the hospital this past year.  He's gone through invasive treatments, blood transfusions, a biopsy, surgeries to put in and remove a central line, as well as serious complications and an infection. Patrick has weekly blood draws taken to closely monitor changes in his kidney function, hemoglobin, potassium, etc. It has been an ongoing struggle to keep Patrick's hemoglobin up to avoid transfusions, because transfusions cause more anitbodies. Patrick's kidney function is currently at 20-24%, and he will need to go on dialasys very soon.  Because of the possible complications from dialasys and the high risk of building up more harmful antibodies (he's already at 94% antibodies), Patrick's doctors want to do a transplant as soon as possible, and are requesting that anyone interested in being a possible donor for Patrick, contact Cathy Garvey at 1-800-328-5465, so he can get the transplant he needs. You will need to give her Patrick's full name and date of birth: Patrick Sibert, 2/24/94.

Finding a donor is difficult... but when a compatible donor is found, and Patrick gets the transplant he needs, Patrick's doctors expect an excellent outcome, and Patrick will be able to get back to the life he knew before chronic renal failure took over, and back to being a typical teenager again.

Please help us spread the word about Patrick's condition any way you can to help him find a compatible kidney donor.