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All clear!

I'm sorry for not posting I wanted to wait and hear about Patrick's scans and do it all at once and if I'm being honest I was too strung out worrying about the results to even think about a post. Terrified I might jinx it lol. So alls well w the henry boys. Collins counts are stellar. We go back to UNC on Fri for GI stuff...might have to ask about this nagging hip pain that I'd forgotten about w c due to our insane schedule at UNC last Fri during all that crazy! Seems like his hips and legs are always hurting but I don't think it's emergent so I'll prob get him into PEDs and then shoot UNC docs an email. He's got a bit of a bug brewing and at 8 is so self aware that he noticed lymph nodes swollen in his groin area...just baffles me to have that great awareness at that age...hell I couldn't pinpoint a sore throat at that age lol.

Lacey's stuff is being considered and old injury/poss bone or deep muscle bruise...but she is good and will do some physical therapy and roll out w her bad self bahaha

And Patrick had clean scans and blood work once again. 3.5 yrs baby!

Doesn't get much better than that BUT wait it does. Had a mammo yesterday due to some suspicious spots and dang it all if we aren't free and clear w happy healthy boobies! Yay for healthy boobies! And my vertigo is all but damn its turning into a good week! Lol imma mess.

Yall on a serious note keep my sil in your thoughts and prayers as she is not so fortunate and is reaching the end of her cancer journey...we pray for peace for her as she transitions to heaven hopefully w/o a lot of suffering. Love u Joyce and David! We are thinking of u and I'm sorry we haven't made it down in so sucks as usual. Love and hugs everyone.
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Veronica Slagel
By Veronica Slagel
Fantastic news! We will say extra prayers of thanks!
Franklin Floyd
By Franklin Floyd
Awesome news!
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Kathy Wolf
By Kathy Wolf
So so glad to hear that! Brought tears to my eyes! Love you all.
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Diane Mullhausen
By Diane Mullhausen
God Bless you All!! All is great news!!
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