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UPDATE: The official diagnosis was made on Oct 20, 2010 and it is high risk stage II Hepatoblastoma.

On Sunday night, Oct 10, 2010 Patrick told me his side hurt, and he pointed to the right side just below his ribs. Upon inspection I noticed a slight bulge under his skin there and when I touched it he winced.  There were no marks or scrapes or anything, just a bulge and some pain. So I called the advice nurse and she told me to take him to the ER. Once at the ER the doctors immediately thought it was appendicitis and asked me what I wanted to do. They said I could take him home and watch him or get him checked out...I called my husband and he said get him checked we did. They started and IV and got blood work and then he went to ultrasound. They could not see the appendix on the ultrasound, so they put in for a CT scan...and that was about about 4am the docs came in and sat down..."he has a mass on his liver" The doc was very concerned and wanted to get an MRI and a biopsy...but I didn't want womack cutting on him, so I asked to be referred to his Pediatrician and they got a second opinion on the scans for me. They verified the mass as well and referred me to UNC Chapel Hill, where he is currently seeing Dr. Gold (collin's oncologist). He underwent surgery on Oct 15th where they resected the tumor, the left lobe of the liver and a lymph node. After a few worry filled days we got the diagnosis, stage II Hepatoblastoma. Originally they believed it to be high risk, but later they said they believed one of the markers was only off because of the unusually early stage of diagnosis.  He had his port implanted on Nov 2 and began treatment on Nov 3. So far things have been very rough, he has been nauseated and vomitting for the last three weeks...some days more than others, but at least once a day he says he either feels like or actually does throw up. We are not really sure how long treatment is going to last, for now they are saying 4-6 months depending on his response to the chemo. We are praying that he does not have any of the long term side affects of the chemo (kidney damage or hearing loss) but for now we worry about the present! Prayers always welcome and please sign our guestbook and let us know about your visit! We thrive on the visits of those who care!


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May your family continue to stand strong on good days and bad. May you continue to grow in health and spirit. May God grant each you renewed Faith, strength, and ... Read more

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So we went up to UNC...hey are reviewing the scans. He looks remarkably better today...still we are going tomorrow for an eval by a PEDs eye doc and proceed from there. My ... Read more

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Kathleen we are praying God Blesses you this Mothers Day. A mother's role as a steward of God's love for the children He places in her care, for whatever amount of time ... Read more

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