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Pat’s Story

In loving memory of Patrick Carroll

May 02, 1987 - May 31, 2013

Pat has an indelible spirit that marked his work as a social worker, an Earthworker, a sound engineer, a musician, a music producer, a basketball’r, a beloved son, brother, nephew, friend and true love. He electrified people with his humor, his talent, his generosity and his open heart, and he disarmed them with honesty. Pat was all of these things despite and because of his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Pat’s legacy lies in the growing community of people who continue cultivating their best selves in awe of, and in solidarity with Pat. 

Latest Journal Update

Traverse City Flim Festival Clinch Stage Pat Carroll Listening Party

It has been two months now since Pat has passed on. We've been lucky to receive so much support from our community as we all grieve Pat's passing.

I worked for the SEEDS School Of Rock this past July in Traverse City, where me and Pat both worked as staff members last summer. The theme this year was resiliency, and just like the Earthwork Family Weekend, I gained a lot of strength by being there and interacting with the youth and staff members. There was a final performance at the Traverse City Opera House where we performed a couple of Pat's songs too, which was wonderful! We will send out notice here when those videos become available. 

Film Fest Listening Party announcement: 

The music coordinators at the Traverse City Film Fest asked to host a listening party for Pat's album in his honor from 6 to 7 pm. Pat's parents will be there to say some words about the Pat Carroll Foundation, which has been beginning to take shape in recent weeks. Pat's friends Zak Watson and Sonya Shoup will also play a song of Pat's to begin the set before his album is played. I will be in Kalamazoo recording a couple songs of my own at the Double Phelix Collective, but I think it will be a great evening.

Please go here for event details: