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Jeff’s Story

Chemo for round 34 will start on September 21, 2015 The full story begins nearly 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with Meylodysplastic Syndrom / Acute Meyloginous Leukemia in November 2005. I received two "rounds" of chemotherapy (one "7+3" and one high dose AraC) and then contracted parvovirus, which made me transfusion dependent for six months. This did, however, put it into remission which lasted about 2 1/2 years. In (2008) I was continuing to do well, and starting in about May, things started going downhill again. Through a series of blood and bone marrow tests it was determined that I had relapsed. Jennae and I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester where I received a total of five "rounds" of chemotherapy (two rounds of 7+3 and three rounds of high dose AraC). The leukemia is back in remission, but the Meylodysplastic Syndrome remains, and so we are using a new chemo drug that came on the market in 2009 in an attempt to control the MDS.

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A life well lived …

          In love

          In faith

          In songs and stories

A life well lived.

          (8-26-2015 by Nay)

          This past weekend we said our good-byes to Jennae’s Dad. He had been in assisted living since her Mom passed away a year and a half ago due to dementia.  He had taken a tumble last week, and Julie (Jennae’s sister) and Jennae were able to be with him as he breathed his last. ( will be going back down to Eau Claire for the visitation and funeral. It is a rather strange feeling now that the last of our parents is gone. Harlan was one of a kind, as Jennae said in her poem, he was a man of great love and great faith, always there for his family and friends to do whatever needed to be done, usually with a smile on his face.

          We’ve gotten all the results back from the testing that I’ve had done. Aside from the arrhythmias in my heart (which the assure me are absolutely benign), a touch of asthma, and of course the cancer in my bone marrow, I’m really quite healthy. My blood work continues to track along as usual. My white count is a touch on the high side compared to the average, but in the last cycle is was a touch on the low side,so as long as it stays close to the average we don’t get too concerned. So we go forward with continued hand washing and wear a mask when I’m in a crowd(visitation and funeral).

          In this time of grief, we most heartily thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Blessings and peace, Jeff and Jennae



Barb Kleven
By Barb Kleven
I'm so sorry to hear of Harlan's passing. I remember him as a very faithful member at Hope Lutheran whether it was in the choir or working in the church. He was at every church function from the annual meetings to church suppers and always helping out or giving input . I don't remember not seeing him there at church. He will missed by you, his family and all who knew him. You have my deepest sympathy. God bless you and your family. Love and prayers,
Barb Kleven
Nancy Peterson
By Nancy and Jim Peterson
So sorry for yet, another loss. May God wrap His great arms of comfort around all of you. And may you feel surrounded by hugs of friends and family even from afar, Jeff.
Tara Ulrich
So sorry for your loss. "Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lords."---Romans
Bill Eisenbarth
By Bill
I really am saddened by Harlan's death. I am on the other hand very happy that we will be able to see you again on Friday. Have a safe and blessed trip.
Donna Eszlinger
By Donna and Delbert
We are so sorry to hear of this loss for your family,, I certainly know the feeling of the last parent to leave us,, and even when we know in our hearts that they did their jobs here on earth,and are now in a better place, it doesn't make our hearts ache any less, so remember the smiles, words, and things that were done together, and their lives live on in our hearts forever. our thoughts and prayers go out to your family, as you say good bye, as he joins his many family members upstairs. love and hugs to you all.
Terra Engelhart
By Terra Engelhart
So very sorry for your loss! Prayers and hugs continue!
Deborah  Conner
I am so sorry to hear about Jennae's dad. It is hard losing a parent - especially the last one. May God surround you with the love of family and friends and a peace that passes all understanding as you grieve.
In Christ, Deborah