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Jeff’s Story

Chemo for round 33 started on July 13, 2015 The full story begins 9 1/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Meylodysplastic Syndrom / Acute Meyloginous Leukemia in November 2005. I received two "rounds" of chemotherapy (one "7+3" and one high dose AraC) and then contracted parvovirus, which made me transfusion dependent for six months. This did, however, put it into remission which lasted about 2 1/2 years. In (2008) I was continuing to do well, and starting in about May, things started going downhill again. Through a series of blood and bone marrow tests it was determined that I had relapsed. Jennae and I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester where I received a total of five "rounds" of chemotherapy (two rounds of 7+3 and three rounds of high dose AraC). The leukemia is back in remission, but the Meylodysplastic Syndrome remains, and so we are using a new chemo drug that came on the market in 2009 in an attempt to control the MDS.

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Jennae Still Writing

30,000 + 2 worshiped on Sunday Morning!

Thanks to live streaming we were able to attend worship with the National Youth Gathering in Detroit. It was wonderful to worship through this technology and hear the word, and celebrate what looked like a busy,tiring, energetic, challenging Youth Gathering. I still am amazed at how we can worship with various congregations, via, computer, and live streaming. It really is wonderful when we are not able to “get out” and worship in person.How much Jeff will even remember I do not know, but I am amazed at how he can manage to get through all the remote controls, and technology challenges in the blink of an eye, while I still try to figure out how to turn the TV on!

Today we went into the clinic for regular blood work and fluids. It is always good when they can give him some fluids IV because I get the evil eye when I bring out another water bottle. This round I tried to mix it up more with power aids, and some flavored water so that he would drink more because we did have some hot days. Jeff is trying to wean himself off the pain pills and the anti nausea pills so that he is more alert and moving back in to the everyday world instead of “chemo land”. It can’t happen overnight so we take it one step at a time. I threatened to put mittens on him last night because where he gets the injections in his stomach starts to itch as the skin blisters. But he fell asleep and left the burn patches alone. We do not want him getting an infections in his skin due to scratching.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support on this wild journey! It really means a lot to us!



Donna Eszlinger
By Donna and Delbert
praying for healing as Jeff comes through the fog that follows him after his chemo,, keep on with the water bottles,, even with the look,,, that he gives you,, It pays off in the end.. Everyone I talked to in the past week was with out a pastor, they had all gone to Detroit for the youth gathering,, hugs and prayers to you and Jeff
Craig Nessan
By Craig Nessan
We are truly members of a great communion of saints, virtual and embodied!

God be with you both as you await amelioration of Jeff"s condition! Prayers are with you!
Deborah  Conner
Technology is wonderful! So glad that you could stream an event that is so important to you. I pray for you both everyday. Your perseverance and faithfulness in the midst of the long journey of treatment is remarkable to me. Blessings and peace, Deborah