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Jeff’s Story

Chemo for round 29 starts on October 13, 2014

The full story begins almost nine years ago when I was diagnosed with Meylodysplastic Syndrom / Acute Meyloginous Leukemia in November 2005. I received two "rounds" of chemotherapy (one "7+3" and one high dose AraC) and then contracted parvovirus, which made me transfusion dependent for six months. This did, however, put it into remission which lasted about 2 1/2 years. In (2008) I was continuing to do well, and starting in about May, things started going downhill again. Through a series of blood and bone marrow tests it was determined that I had relapsed. Jennae and I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester where I received a total of five "rounds" of chemotherapy (two rounds of 7+3 and three rounds of high dose AraC). The leukemia is back in remission, but the Meylodysplastic Syndrome remains, and so we are starting a new chemo drug to attempt to control the MDS. In the background we are still in process of waiting for / preparing for a bone marrow transplant.


Latest Journal Update


I can see the whites of his eyes!

Finally Jeff is coming back. He even admits that he went along ways away. The protocol by our nurses was changed so much this round due to his “leaving” more than normal. So he received more fluids this time because he wasn’t here with us to drink as much as he should. He is finally back with us talking, thinking, sharing, independently participating in life again. He even got up and took a shower on his own without being told he needed to do that. He said at the clinic today, “I sure went a long ways away”. We all nodded our heads and hoped that this was a onetime event.  It is really good to have him back among us again. He is weak, tries very easily,  still has some pain in his belly from the shots, but all in all he is doing good. He still sneers at me when I say, you need to drink, but at least there is a nod of recognition and he knows he has too.

So again thank you for your prayers, believe me we definitely feel them!!



Donna Eszlinger
By Donna and Delbert Eszlinger
such good news, going on this journey and so kind that you share your life with us,, We keep praying that each day will now become a better day for Jeff, and Jennea, can breath a sigh of relief knowing that now he will eat and drink. take in some of the best days of the year,, Fall is such a nice colorful time, hugs and prayers to you as you continue on this path,,
Barb Kaldahl
Glad to hear Jeff is coming back. Maybe my old standby will work - banana or root beer flavored Popsicles! When I couldn't tolerate anything else, I lived on Popsicles!
Donna Dohrmann
By donna dohrmann
I agree with Wes. You are quite amazing. It is our privilege to walk with you on this journey and to uplift you in prayer. You are a hero to many of us because we get to see how things are done well. Your partnership is inspiring. You both remain in our prayers.
Wes Aardahl
By Wes Aardahl
What an amazing thing to have weathered so many cycles of treatment. You evidently have a special capacity to adapt to a new and challenging pattern of life, rather than to resist it or despair of it. So you live within the cycles of day and night, the changing seasons of nature, the seasons of the church year plus the added cycle of departure and return that your illness and treatment necessitate. You're obviously sustained by God's grace, so that even as we pray for you and Jennae and lament your suffering, we are also grateful for your testimony and are inclined to cheer you on.
Sally Jones
Just this morning I prayed that Jeff would come out of the chemo fog and fatigue soon. Glad to know half of that request has been answered. We will patiently wait for relief from the fatigue. Love & Hugs, Sally