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Jeff’s Story

Chemo for round 29 starts on October 13, 2014

The full story begins almost nine years ago when I was diagnosed with Meylodysplastic Syndrom / Acute Meyloginous Leukemia in November 2005. I received two "rounds" of chemotherapy (one "7+3" and one high dose AraC) and then contracted parvovirus, which made me transfusion dependent for six months. This did, however, put it into remission which lasted about 2 1/2 years. In (2008) I was continuing to do well, and starting in about May, things started going downhill again. Through a series of blood and bone marrow tests it was determined that I had relapsed. Jennae and I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester where I received a total of five "rounds" of chemotherapy (two rounds of 7+3 and three rounds of high dose AraC). The leukemia is back in remission, but the Meylodysplastic Syndrome remains, and so we are starting a new chemo drug to attempt to control the MDS. In the background we are still in process of waiting for / preparing for a bone marrow transplant.


Latest Journal Update


Last day of injections! We drove to the clinic through a yellow sea of falling leaves. Our area just turned a  brilliant yellow and orange with a few reds mixed in. It is a beautiful drive across town, however, Jeff saw none of it. His eyes were closed and he was trying very hard not to throw up his smoothie from breakfast. It was a rough ride in for him.  Since wed. he has asked that I use the wheel chair we have to transport him into the clinic as he didn't feel steady enough to walk in with his walker. So i dusted off the wheelchair, we haven't used it for 5 years...yes 5 years. It is  a shock to my system how he can be so unsteady so fast. He uses all of his hand holds in the house yet, and hasn't needed it inside, and believe me I watch him very close as he is unsteady. I am always thankful he knows what he needs to make it through, he can tell me through the fog and that is wonderful! I could care less that he needed the wheelchair, what I care about is him and how this all affects him. Everything else is a tool to get him through it.

When we got to the clinic they gave him another dose of anti-nausea medication which helped him be able to settle down. He also got fluids again as he is sleeping more and more and not drinking or eating much. My goal for the weekend is to get him out in his reclining  chair to get him up more and breathing deep.This has been a very hard round on him. We are all watching and pushing him to do what he needs to do, eat, drink, drink, drink, and get the bowels moving.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on this journey. I am going to enjoy the leaves as they fall and make apple sauce over the weekend because that is something Jeff can eat, cooked apples…yummy!

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Sandy Anderson
Dear "J's" ~ You mentioned in your last post about it feeling like 'routine' until you get into it again ~ and then who knows what will happen! I think it's even easier for those of us so far away to feel that way. We don't see the struggles and challenges even though you do your best to describe them for us. When you tell us that this is a hard round, it makes me sit up and take notice. Forgive me, Jennae ~ I forget how unbelievably difficult this journey is for all of you. God uses the two of you to teach me over and over again about the realities of life that others face. May God use me and all of us to bring comfort and strength to you through our prayers. God's peace, comfort, and ~ yes ~ 'joy' as Jeff returns from the fog.
Norma Everist
By Norma Cook Everist
Blessings during this hard time. I know this must be so hard on both of you. I give thanks for the love your have for each other. Know that we support you, although from afar. God's strength always.
Donna Eszlinger
By Donna and Delbert Eszlinger
We are so sorry to hear how harsh this round is on Jeff,, and using a wheel chair to get from point A to Point B, will make it so much better for the both of you,, a person does what needs to be done,, we pray that Jeff will start to come out of this fog soon,, and you can then relax a little bit. Never having been in this situation,, we have no idea what goes along with it,, so know that you sharing your journey with us, helps us understand what you are both going through, at least a little bit. we hold you in our thoughts and prayers in the days , weeks to come,, and Jeff can start to eat or drink again.. We too have changing colors, and lots of storms, so one has to wonder how those little stems, can hold onto those leaves on the trees, since ours have not all dropped off yet. you certainly are his keeper,, and angel, as you hover over his needs.. love and hugs to you both,, enjoy the apple sauce, nothing better then home made..
Barb Kaldahl
By Barb Kaldahl
Jeff and Janae, thinking of both of you and sending prayers. I can just smell the applesauce cooking. Brings back many wonderful memories!
Carol Wendel
By Carol Wendel
It's so good that even in the fog, Jeff is aware of what he needs to stay safe. I hope he will be able to get up a bit and enjoy the beauty of fall. Have to believe the smell of fresh cooking apples will be a rallying point! Thoughts and prayers as the cycle ends and the return begins.
Sally Jones
By Sally
The leaves are turning here as well, but they're aren't brilliant colors yet. I marvel at the changes every season and I love fall. I also love the fact that we have an UNchanging Father who cares for the earth and the changing leaves, but cares for us even more. Praying for you on this journey. Love and Hugs!