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Parisa’s Story

Hello everyone. Parisa is my niece, my sister Cindy and her husband Peyman's oldest daughter. She is 17 years old, and a Junior at Nottingham High School.

On Tuesday, March 25th, she was on the way to an appointment with Cindy when she began to have a seizure. Cindy pulled over the car, called 911, and Parisa was taken to the ER at Upstate.

Parisa had at least two more seizures after the initial one. In the ER, they did an MRI of her brain which showed swelling and fluid present. It was believed at that point that she perhaps had some type of brain infection. That possibility has still not been ruled out.

She has undergone a barrage of testing over the past several days. They have been keeping her in an induced state of unconsciousness to keep her calm and comfortable. However, she has been brought out of it a few times to determine whether her brain is responding to various stimuli. So far, this has been positive.

Although she is sedated, her family talks to her during the brief visits in her room. Your messages have been repeated to Parisa, and that will continue. As Cindy was speaking to her the other day, she began to mention that Kiyoshi was in the room, and Parisa opened her eyes when she heard his name.

Today, an extensive MRI was performed to scan her head and spine. Comparisons will be made to the initial MRI in the ER, but also the doctors should be able to glean more information than previously. The many lab tests that have been done take a while to process, and not many results have come in yet. One form of encephalitis had been ruled out. They believe that this is some type of viral brain infection, but we cannot really report that as fact until more information comes in.

The doctors treating Parisa are excellent. The staff has been caring, diligent, attentive and very professional. Cindy and Peyman are pleased with the care she is receiving.

As you can imagine, this is a real strain on everyone, especially her immediate family. Parisa's parents have been at the hospital from the onset, taking turns to go out for various necessities. The most important of those is spending some time with their other two children, Kiyoshi and Sasha. They have been graciously attended to and provided for by dear friends and family; this is IMMENSELY appreciated. They need all the support they can get!

Both Peyman and Cindy have been spending their nights sleeping in the waiting room of the Peds ICU.

I will add updates to this site as they become available, as quickly as I am able. Please feel free to contact me if you like. And DO leave your comments and/or messages here. This is a great way to stay informed.

Parisa has a Facebook page, on which I have left messages, and I am leaving info on my Facebook page as well. But if you do not have access to that application, this is the place to be!

I'm sorry that we do not have much to tell you. It is very difficult for Parisa's family to wait things out. Please keep them in your prayers. We are hoping that a diagnosis will be made soon, and that appropriate treatment will begin promptly.

Update in a nutshell: Parisa has been home receiving chemo there and going to the hospital for radiation therapy. She has a rare form of brain cancer. She is weak yet, and her energy level is low, but that's normal after all her body went through.

Home-bound schooling is in place though she does go to classes when she is up to it, for short periods. She is able to spend time with friends, mostly at home. We are all so thankful for the multitudes of you who have shown your love and concern, and offered help and support. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Latest Journal Update


Hello everyone!

We are approaching one year since our beautiful Parisa moved out of her physical body.  She lives on in all of our hearts and memories and  continues to be an inspiration.  People still write to her every day through  her facebook page or through the public facebook group, "A Place In Our  Heart for Parisa."  Our family is so honored to have "hosted" her during her  eighteen years on Earth.  She touched the hearts of so many.  There is a  piece of her in all who knew her.  We miss her dearly . 

Parisa left us on October 28th last year and the celebration of her life was on Halloween day.  On Parisa's last Halloween, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie "Ghost" together and so I may just make a tradition of this every year.  This year we invite you to join us in spirit at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, October 30th.  Parisa's family will be sitting around in the glow of purple candles.  We will probably indulge in purple Hershey kisses and perhaps some other purple goodies!  I plan to wear as much purple as possible.  Wherever you are, wear some purple, light a candle, and be with us and Parisa in spirit.  We will be planting a purple "Bloomerang" lilac and some Purple Drumstick flower bulbs earlier in the day in remembrance of Parisa.  If you're in town and would like to drop by,  please let us know. 

I have posted this event on Facebook also;  I believe anyone can respond by searching for the event, "In remembrance of Parisa."

Here is a poem I wrote last November to Parisa.  I borrowed the first two lines from an unknown author. 

A Poem for Parisa

God saw you getting tired when a cure was not to be,
So he wrapped his arms around you and whispered, “Come to me.”
“You’re about to have a birthday, even though it’s not March 5th,
Although your body’s dying, your soul will be in bliss.
The gift I’m going to give you is a pair of angel wings
For returning home to me is the blessing that death brings.”

“Just let go of your body, you don’t need it anymore,
Breathe out your last breath and fly through my door.
It may seem like you’re leaving your life behind
But where you are going, true love you will find.
So come now, don’t worry about family or friends,
They’ll be along too, when their Earth mission ends.”

And when I saw you sleeping, so peaceful and pain-free
I could not wish you back again to suffer from disease.
You’d become an angel, your face filled with peace
My selfish wish to keep you here I had to release
The smile on your face was a sure indication
That you had joyfully accepted God’s invitation.

For the rest of my life here I will celebrate
Your birth to ‘the next place’ on October 28.
And someday I’ll join you and my heart will be free
Of missing you and wishing you were here with me.
Until then my memories will do their part
You’ll live with me forever in my heart.


One more thing I'd like to add is that a wonderful purple "All You Need is Love" sticker has been created by Paola Benevento and friends.  Parisa was very fond of this song and The Beatles.  The stickers are 3"x4" and also say "Rest in Paradise Angel" and include her initials and dates of her life.  The cost to produce the stickers is $1 each so we would like to ask a minimum of $2 per sticker.  All proceeds will be contributed to a scholarship fund in Parisa's name in memory of her passion for photography.  Although Parisa didn't make it to college, I know she would love to help send someone else.  The scholarship will be presented to a student attending Parisa's beloved Nottingham High School.  If you would like to order any stickers, you may do so through Paola Benevento or Sasha, Kiyoshi, Peyman and myself.  My e-mail is  If you need your sticker mailed, please plan on including 50 cents for postage.  The stickers can be placed just about anywhere--vehicles, laptops, planners, refrigerators, etc.