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Hailey’s Story

Hailey was diagnosed with AML at age 13. Treated at St Jude Children's Hospital Memphis TN.
She had a Haploidentical Stem Cell transplant 10/31/13 and has been cancer since then .

Latest Journal Update


Dear family & friends,

I've been meaning to write for a while to let everyone know how Hailey's doing. 
She's doing great, we are so proud of her she's doing great in school, socializing and just being a teenager. 

Today has been a hard day, I've gone all day like nothing but deep inside I've been reliving 3 years ago.  January 24,2013 the day I heard officially that my sweet baby had cancer. The words still make me sick to my stomach. I will never understand why this happened to my family, but I'm hear to talk about it and that's a blessing.  This journey has taught us so much , like the true meaning of family and friend. We can't thank all the people that came out to support us, strangers from all around the world were  praying for Hailey.  All the family and friends at home that rallied so hard to help us with fundraiser, love and support during our toughest hours. To many to name all, but please know that all of you had a part in curing Hailey. Cancer just can't be battled with medicine, you need support, love and understanding and that we received from so many. We will never do enough or say enough about St Jude they are our second family they saved Hailey's life not once but twice. The doctors and nurse actually all the staff at St Jude are wonderful and caring people. Thank you Danny Thomas for having the vision " No child shall die in the dawn of life" words to live by.

I want to recapture some of 2015 
Hailey got her make a wish and we went to Paris , we loved Paris one day we hope to go back. 
She was able to attend an amazing camp in New York for the summer, it was her first sleep away camp for three weeks. I went a bit crazy but I survived , she will be going back this year. 
She's a sophomore at Dreyfus school of arts she's a A &B student, we are so proud of her.
She got her restricted drivers license, and will be officially driving in April 2016.
She celebrated her sweet sixteen birthday with a party at home with her friend. 

On October 31,  marked the 2 year anniversary of her transplant, she's now 26 1/2 months cancer free. !!!!!!!!

I can't say it all been easy, but she makes it look easy with her faith and strength.
In August she had to have another line placed in for treatment for her lungs. The transplant caused GVHD of the lungs, she's been undergoing treatments at home at the University of Miami.
They have been amazing with her, we were so blessed the physicians taking care of her in Miami were all residents at St Jude. Treatments have been going good and she's has improvements in her lung function test, I say test because other then the test she has no symptoms. She has no shortness of breathe, fatigue weight loss any of the symptoms that go along with lung issues. 
She's going on with life and leaving behind cancer, it will be part of her life but it will not consume her life. She still sings everyday at school since it's her major, she works out in the gym 2-3 times a week and might I say with a line in place. She amazing me every day and make me a stronger better person. Treatments are coming to the end Feb 25. Then she will have another PFT and if all goes well which it will she will have line removed in time for spring break. 

Praying 2016 will be a amazing wonderful year for Hailey and all of us. 

Please continue praying for Hailey, but let's not forget all the other children that are battling this awful disease and all the ones that have lost their battle. Extra prayers for our sweet Ciera, Hannah and Rose who lost their battle, but are now in heaven with God feeling no pain only happiness. Please pray for peace and comfort for their families and friends and for my special friend Dara Bree's mom. 

Thank you all for everything 
God bless all 

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3 Comentarios

Beckett Papa
By Adrienne Papa
Hailey you are an inspiration and a testament to the fact that God gives us miracles! You have a mission here in the physical world and we look forward to hearing of your many more accomplishments to come. You conquered the beast, you can do anything!!! Thank you Aimee and Hailey for giving back to other families like Beckett and I as we travel our journey at St. Judes. God bless you both. You will always be in our prayers.
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Jennifer Scott
By Jennifer Scott
So great to read your update! What a stunning young lady. I hope she and Elizabeth can meet someday, and I'd love to meet YOU in person!
Kathy Manion
So glad to hear that Hailey is doing soooo well and thanks for the update. Any visits to Canada sometime soon??
Kathy and Quince