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Hi everyone !!

Great news 100%🎉Chimarsim  what a relieve. I was a basket case all day waiting for the phone call. I can now relax and wait for the medicine to leave Hailey's system so her counts can climb again. 
My life is like a roller coaster that never stops it slows down, but never come to a complete stop. I'm sure all parents in my shoes feel the same way. We just want it to stop, to stop worrying , to stop living in fear.  I pray that the day comes that I will no longer fear cancer, I will always fear the unknown, you will always be scare about your child's well being but cancer shouldn't be the first thing !!! It should be the last, children shouldn't get cancer. 
I still find it hard to say CANCER , my child had cancer and is now in remission. Not in a million years would I have guessed that our life's would  be the way they are now.

We are still grateful and blessed that Hailey is doing so well, she's had her ups and downs, but at the end all that matters is that she's hear with us and she's cancer free. Thank you lord for sparing my child and allowing us to have many more happy times, lots of memories to still record. 

Today I went out with a friend Michele, my sister in law Cristy and
my god child/niece  Elizabeth.
We went out to dinner and then we went to vinovango downtown
delray , had a blast painting a picture. Nothing like family and friends to help you get threw the tough times in life. 

Please continue praying for good results.

God bless