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Good evening to all,

Were do I start, what a Monday !!!
First Hailey had a surprise PFT this morning, which took us both by surprise since I've always been their for her. She was nervous but once again she's so strong and brave always amazing me.  She had her daddy beside her and that made it all good. Her PFT went well her numbers are steady no difference then last months yay❗️❗️❗️That was the good part of the morning.
Now for the not so good part ugh!!!!!!
Hailey's count dropped giving me chest pains as you can imagine.
Her platelets and hemoglobin are steady within normal limits but her white count and ANC dropped !!! At first I didn't know what to
think, the first thing that popped into my head was disease.
The doctor thinks that the immune suppressant drugs that she on are causing her counts to drop. She's been on them since before we left Memphis, but once this lung issue started they increased
them. They did tell us that his could happen, but since she's been steady with her counts some drops here and there, but not much to think about we thought it couldn't happen wrong!!! Anything can happen. They are reducing the dose and will check labs in two
weeks at home, along with the last of the every other week IVG steroids.
They  want to see Hailey in 1 month and then they will repeat PFT
and  Steroids will be every month and then hopefully done with them.  Can't wait for this to be over with, good thing that they don't seem to be to concerned since they don't feel they need to see her for 1 month. I will feel more reassured once her Chimarsim comes back 100%.  I wish we could do labs next week, but they say it will at least take two weeks to see a change. So will have to just wait, she feels great looks great so I have to believe and have faith that
all will be fine. 
To finish a crazy day of emotions, their flight has been delayed leaving Memphis and now they are on the terminal waiting to leave Charlotte they are now delayed by two hours. It's going to be a long night and I'm going to exhausted tomorrow, I just want my family home safe and sound. 
Hailey will have to stay low key for awhile until her counts climb again, with ANC low she's at high risk for infection. This has her so upset, she's been having such a good time with her cousins and friends within her restrictions, but now we need to be extra careful don't want her to get sick. Never ending !!!! I know this, but sometimes it's easy to forget or at least try to forget and then wham it hits you we are not done and we have a long road ahead.
Please continue praying for Hailey and all the St Jude kids.
Extra prayers for 100% chimarism ❗️❗️

God bless