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Happy Sunday to all,

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've written about Hailey. She's doing good, having fun with her cousins that are in town. She's love family, I sometime feel bad she's an only child. God works in mysterious ways don't know what we would of done if I had another child, with all the traveling back and forth and just so much attention to Hailey the other child could get lost. But then again so many parents do it and everyone is loved and fine. 
We just have to except our destiny and pray for the best.

Hailey and her dad are on there way to Memphis today they should be arriving at noon my time. I haven't slept much even though I'm not going the anxiety and stress of what they will say and do is heart wrenching !!!! She's scheduled for labs and doctor visit, no IV steroids or IVG at this time they will need to see what her labs look like and they will decided on how to wean the steroids yay!!!!.  
Her bone marrow has been working good to the point that she has B cells and has had then for a while, low count but they have been staying steady. She's has not needed IVG since we left in February 
which is something transplant kids normally get every month for awhile till B cells come in.  This can change at anytime, but praying all her counts holding up and once again she needs no products.  She feels great has lots of energy, she's eating well. Her weight is sort of at a stand still, she can't eat a lot at one time causes stomach ache, but she has three meals a day plus lots of snack.  Her weight is good but would like some more pounds on. 
Her hair omg its grows like weed, she's had two hair cuts and might need another one to keep the cute style she's wearing. Even though she said she might just let it grow and see how it's going to come in. I believe it might come in wavy, she not quite sure how she feels about it, but I know it will look great on her how ever it come in. 
All our friends at St Jude seem to be doing well Bree and Ciera and the kids we know everyone fighting and winning. The Toma family arrived in Romania a week ago, I've emailed then, but haven't heard back. I'm sure they need to settle a lot of things and wifi probably not on the top of their list being gone for almost three years. I pray they are doing good and finding some peace and comfort. I'm busy at work and loving my job, I'm doing so many more studies, some more complicated and longer but I'm doing good. It's like riding a bike at first I was over whelmed thinking I had forgotten how to do all the extensive studies, but I'm back that old brain of mine still has it lol!!!!

I will post tomorrow once I know her counts and what's next for her. She's hopeful that the weaning process will be down to every month ,and that our trips will be every month wouldn't that be great. This time around it was a month at St Jude with 1 visit with her oncologist here. Who by the way has been amazing, she gives out her cell phone number and you can text her with questions and concerns. We have been so blessed to have the most wonderful group of intelligent caring medical professionals anyone one person can have. I will always be scared and have that fear of, is it really over or not. I think once your child has been through what Hailey's been through you can't help but to worry about the smallest thing. I am just so grateful for all the love and support we have from family and friends. Thank you all and as always continue praying for her and all the St Jude's kids. 

Till next time
All my love