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Good evening and happy Saturday to all,

Time seems to be moving so fast lately, I remember like it was yesterday getting Tim and Hailey all packed up for Memphis for the golf tournement and here we are again going back. This time it's me and of course I'm anxious and nerves about her labs and the oh mighty PFT test ( I truly dislike this test). I have faith all be be good after all she's feeling great, has lots of energy and her spirits are high. I would be lieing if I said she doesn't have her moments here and there , but they are less. Every day we get closer to her goals which is getting off restriction. Please join me in praying that her numbners are steady hopefully even higher. 

Hailey just got a new hair do, she's enjoying her short hair for now. She can't wait till her hair is long again, but while she's on all the meds we don't expect her hair to get to long fast so for now short is it and I think it looks so sweet and cute on her. 

I have been a bit under the weather since Friday afternoon, hoping tomorrow I will be good day not looking forward getting on a plane all stuffed up😁.

I'm always saying how wonderful St Jude has been to us, but the fact is they are wonderful to everyone. I wanted to share with everyone something beautiful. As you all know our dear friend Vald is now one of gods angels. A weeks ago they had a wake for Vlad and church service and an amazing amount of people showed up to show their love for him. Around 250 people showed up which consisted of doctors, nurses from all the floors, cafe personnel, staff from target house and St Jude families. This is what set St.jude apart from any place in the world is that we are all a big family and we stand behind one another.  The Toma family has no family here except us and what a wonderful farewell to Vlad. I was so happy to hear of the turn out, funerals are never good, but when you have a showing like this it warms your heart to know that this amazing child touched so many and he did !! He was truly special. I now want to ask all of you to please go to a fundraising site that was set up for the family. Meet this amazing family see Vlad for yourself, you will by looking at his photo that he's special. They have been here 3 years they have no job to go back to its going be hard for them and not to mention they are going home without their son.
St Jude took care of the services for Vlad, but now they have to have a service for him once they return home with their family and friends. Please find it in your heart to check this site and pass it along and if you can find it in your heart to give please do they
really need it. Nothing is to little when you have nothing. 
This family needs our help . 
www.youcaring/vladtoma fundrasier 
God bless 

Love Aimee