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Good evening,

Hailey and Tim had a great time in Memphis, they attended the St. Jude FedEx Classic cup. Hailey was the honoree caddy on the 18th hole for Phil Mickelson, for those of you that haven't seen it I will post link at the end of this post. It was really sweet and you can see for yourself how well Hailey's doing. 

Her doctor appointment on Monday went really well, her labs were all similar to her previous numbers all within normal limits. The only thing low was her white count and her T cells of course are still low due to the steroids. This past Monday was her 8 infusion, she now will be doing the steroids every other week. Her next
IV steroid 
 will be on 6-23 when we return  back to Memphis and on that appointment she will once again have another PFT test. 
After the PFT results they will re assess her steroid regiment.  We are praying her numbers are holding up and they can start to wean her off the steroids and then we will see her t-cells climb so she can be off restriction. Her chimarism is 100% yeah!!! 
The doctors were very pleased with her, in past they would hear some crackling in her lung and this time no crackling all sounded normal. 

Hailey saw her friend Bree and she doing good, one day at a time. I remember those days to well, the waiting seems like eternity. 

Our dear lovely friend Vlad lost his battle this week, he's now one of gods angels. He's been suffering for so long, but we still had hope that maybe he would get a miracle!!! He will forever be a very special person in our life's, he will now watch over Hailey and all the St Jude children. This lost was hard on Hailey she loved Vlad and saw him as an older brother. She has lost several friends and has seen so much sorrow, it's just not fair no child should see what she's seen. Most of us will not see or live what she's lived at 14❗️❗️.
I have to believe that theirs a bigger picture, that all this sadness
will bring some everlasting happiness. 
Please take a few minutes and pray for Vlad's sole and his family that they find peace and comfort. I will miss them, they will be returning to Romania as soon as the paperwork is done. I'm hoping that it will take time so I can see them when I return to Memphis with Hailey on 6-23
 . Vlad's dad and I talked everyday (texted) today when I texted to see how they are, he said he was happy I was still texting, but he didn't have any news on Vlad no lab results. His life has been all about his son for the past 3 yrs and now what to do. They have another child who's 7, he said he's his angel. God bless them all.

Please continue praying for Hailey and all the St. Jude children.

God bless

link on link and see Hailey !!!