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Good morning and happy Sunday to all.

Hailey's feeling great, staying as active as she can within her restriction which is a bit challenging at time. She's happy schools over and looking forward to starting school in the fall.

Tim and Hailey are in Memphis getting ready to go to see the St Jude FedEx cup. They are both excited about meeting the golfers and participating in the festivities. They have been having severe weather so they are starting the final round early today in hope of finishing before the afternoon storms around  2. Look for Hailey on the 18th hole and she will also be presenting the trophy to the winner between 12:30- 2:00. 

I'm so happy they can share this time together, me on the other hand I'm relaxing. I went on a boat ride with friends yesterday it was great. I'm planning on not doing much today except to look for Hailey on tv and then read my book and take it 
easy. I don't fear Monday labs as much anymore I have faith all will be great.  

Please continueing praying regardless of my fears or not we could never have to much prayers. Please pray for our dear friend Vlad who's been on a roller coaster not to mention his family. Over 2 weeks ago they thought he only had hours and today he's still hanging in. He has not woken up so the reality of things still not good, but miracles happen all the time and the fact that he's hanging in who's to say. I just pray that they find peace one way or another. God bless him and his family. Bree's doing good everyday getting stronger. Hoping Hailey will be able to see her on Monday.  

God bless 
Love Aimee