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Latest Journal Update


Dear family & friends,

Christmas is just around the corner where did this year go!!!!! I for one will be glad😣 when 2014 is over and we can start 2015. I can't complain to much about 2014  a lot of good things have happened, but along with the good comes the bad. The beginning of the year was a tough one for Hailey, but towards the end it has been a true blessing!!! 
Hailey has been able to go to school, go to the voice and NYC. 
Now for the best news ever, Hailey was just at St Jude last week with her father for a quick checkup and results are amazing!!!!! Her accounts are all normal and doubled in 6 weeks, that's really good.
Best of all her T-cells are 410 and B-cell 70 , these numbers mean her bone marrow working good and that soon her restriction will come off they will start to removing her medications yeah 🎉🎉🎉
We return to St Jude on Jan 16, at that time if her counts same or higher they will start the process to allow Hailey to finally be like everyone else. I never thought his day would come so blessed in so many ways, thank you god and all of you who still are praying for my sweet daughter. 
She amazes me everyday, I'm so proud of her, you would think after what's she's been through she would  be mad or sad, but instead she's rejoicing in life and everything and everyone around her. 

She's having some questions and issue with her faith, she believes in god and is grateful for being alive, but she gives a lot of the credit to her doctors. She just can't understand why god took Bree, Bree and Hailey were suppose to grow up together and they had planned on meeting later in life. 
My faith is strong enough for both if us, but I have to say he's been testing me too. I still don't understand why some kids make it and others don't,but I guess that a questions will never have an answer to. I just keep praying for all the children currently being treated, have been treated are in remission that they all stay cured, and for the parents that were not as blessed as I am I pray that god give them peace and comfort. No parent should bury a child, I'm so happy about Hailey's progress but my happiness is always guarded. I hope one day it lessen, I know it will never go away, she's my everything my hero so I will always worry.

Hailey attended her first High School dance this past Friday, she went with her best friend Abby and they had a great time, I was so proud of myself I bought her the dress with out her coming with me. 
She had a test  in one of her classes and had to study and she just couldn't take the time to go shopping with me, she just said go and get me a dress I trust your taste Wow!!! I will probably not hear that to often lol 😂.  I bought 4 dresses and luckily two fit her so we kept them both and I returned the other two.  She and Abby looked beautiful, I was so thrilled and full of so many emotions to see her in her gown going to a dance, being a teenager!!! My daughter who just went through hell and back is going to a dance, I can say now for sure she's back !!! 
The future looks so bright and full of life her now. I know Hailey will do amazing things with her life and I will forever be thankful to St Jude of saving my daughters life. My second home will always be Memphis.  

We we have been so busy since thanksgiving with all the St Jude  events and then school events we
haven't had time to put up as many light as I would of liked. If it were up to me I would be doing a Chevy chase Christmas 🎉light up the entire house let the world know we are home and celebrating
Christmas with our healthy daughter. 
We did get some light up and it's looking good.  I'm almost done with shopping , Hailey wants a
Hedgehog yes you read correctly a Hedgehog !!!! We will be going to Homestead next weekend to pick one up from a breeder, she asked her doctors and they said ok. She's going to call it skittles !!!!
I'm a animal lover, but I'm not sure about skittles😱. 

I hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to the holidays, nothing like family and friends.
Wishing all of you lots of health and happiness and may 2015 bring even more happiness and health
to all.

God bless everyone 

Love Aimee