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Hailey’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


Hi everyone,

I didn't get much sleep last night, I can't believe that we are here again.
My sweet Hailey is being so brave even though I know shes scared about getting a line again.
This will be her third one, she will have three sites to remind her  of all that she's been through.

It's just not fair, I wish I could trade places with her. I have faith that this treatment will make her well so we don't have to worry about her lungs ever again.  You think you beat cancer and everything is okay, but its not like that.  The poison they give you to kill the cancer causes so many other issues as we well know. 

My saving grace is my family ,friends and my faith that my daughter will live a happy healthy life.
She has no much to live for her, not because she's my daughter but she really gives people hope. 
She looks so great and good karma just pours out of her and every child she meets that is sick she make them believe they will too conquer cancer.  

Yesterday's doctors visit was a bit upsetting, we were under the impression that her treatment would be for 12 weeks and that would be it, but the truth is they really don't know. It might still be only 12 weeks, but there is a possibility that they might still need to do it every month for a few months and then  she will be done and line can be removed. She just wanted the line out before her 16th birthday in November and it could still happen , to early to loose hope. 

I't going to be a busy week , three days here in Memphis. Returning home tomorrow, Thursday she has appt.. at University of Miami for labs and base line PFT and Friday back to Miami to start her first ECP treatment.  

Not the way we wanted to end the summer, but over all she still had a lot of fun starting with her amazing camp and our family trip to Paris. Through it all we are still blessed, shes here with us happy and healthy from what we can see, her lungs acting up from afar since she has no symptoms.
This will soon be cured. Please  join me in praying that this treatment works and that finally once and for all she can put this nightmare to rest.
Let's not forget our families here at St Jude, continue to pray for our dear friend Cierra, Chelsea, sweet Beckett,  Hilary and all the children here. 

What I wish for - A world without childhood cancer, no child should see this demon CANCER!!!!

God bless everyone 

All my love Aimee