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Paige Riley’s Story

This is Paige's journey...
Starting Tues. April 17, 2012, Paige began her journey to meet everyone and the world a little sooner than expected, 12 weeks early! After 5 days in the hospital, Paige made her debut into the world at 9:03 pm Saturday April 21, 2012 via C-Section due to severe preeclampsia and IUGR. (Tony & Cathy Hagerman's favorite anniversary gift and Uncle Travis Miller's best birthday gift ever).  She came out kicking and screaming!  Weighing 1 lb. 7 oz. and 13 inches long.  She spent 68 long days in the NICU at York Hospital.  We truly can't thank them enough!  They saved our little miracle baby!  She came home June 27 weighing 4 lbs. 8.3 oz. 17.75 in. long.  

Latest Journal Update

52 week Recap

Physical Age:  52
weeks or 1 year old on the 21st 
April 20-26

Adjusted Age:  40

Weight:  16
lb. 13 oz. April 22nd

Length:  28.5
in. Apr. 22nd    

Head Circumference: 44 cm. Apr. 22nd 

Diaper Size: Size 2

Clothing Size: 9 month 

Hair Color: Looks like it’s a brown color now, it
has gotten a little darker now that it is growing. Her hair has some long
patches of hair.  We noticed its coming
in and thicker in the back and sides but the top seems to remain thin.     

Eye Color: Blue

Daily Routine: Eat, Play, Sleep, Change Diaper, Eat,
Play, Sleep, Change Diaper . . . 

Eating:  Since
talking to the pediatrician she thinks we should start weaning from the bottle
and switching over to milk from a sippy cup. 
(I’m just very leary of that because she is only 9 months
adjusted.)  We are trying to offer her
water in a sippy cup every chance we can get but she doesn’t want it or will
take a sip and be done with it.  For
lunch and dinner we will try to give her all table food and supplement with
what we think she needs from formula, until she gets better at table food.  That’s the game plan for now.  Once we are done with vitamins and fluoride
bottle we will be done with them.  She
loves ice cream.  That’s one way we can
get milk in her and the doctor even wrote ice cream as a source of milk.  We couldn’t believe they would even write
that down on paper. The one night we had ice cream and I wasn’t feeding it fast
enough to her and she was grunting and pulling at my arm.  We will be setting set eating times for her
so I think we will just letting her sleep until she wakes up for her

We are back to her normal for sleeping she will put herself to sleep if
she is tired and isn’t crawling all over the crib.  She soothes herself by sucking on her 3
middle fingers and turning on her side. 
She goes to bed between 8-9 pm, or when she starts acting tired.

Bathing: Loves playing in the tub.  She really splashes in the water with her
hands and grabs at toys and plays with them. 
She tried standing up in the tub which we aren’t a fan of.  I do have a non slip mat down for her but she
isn’t a pro yet at pulling up and its slippery. 

Teething:  1 year old and no teeth.         

Crying/Fussing:  She lets out 1 cry when you lay her down on
her changing table, I think its because she doesn’t want to take time out of
her busy day to change her diaper, clothes etc. 

We had her 1 year well baby checkup 4/22 with Dr. Brenda Singal. Her
weight was 16 lb. 13 oz. 9th percentile for her actual age and 25th
percentile for her adjusted age.  Her length
was 28 in. 13th percentile for her actual age and 63th percentile
for her adjusted age. Her head circumference was 44 cm. 25th
percentile for actual age and 52nd percentile for adjusted age.  She said to finish the bottle of fluoride and
vitamins then we would be done.  She has
eczema (the rash I talked about during the winter) and what we thought was
cradle cap coming back is eczema too. 
The dr. also said we need to get her off the bottle and using a sippy
cup.  And we told her she doesn’t like a
sippy cup, she seemed to think that was very strange and she told us to talk to
EI and ask about a feeding therapist. 
She said to start giving her milk she recommended 1% or 2% but said we
could give her whole milk since she is so small.  In my mind she just started feeding herself
and holding her own bottle, it will take time on Paige’s time not ours.  I’m not worried yet, we will strongly
encourage her to use a sippy cup but won’t push it yet.  She got 2 shots from the nurse.           

Social:  Attended
her 1st birthday party I think she had a good time!  She was Ok being passed between people, when
it was time to eat cake, she was dancing in her seat when we sang to her.  She put her fingers in the icing but then
wanted it off her fingers and tried to wipe it off onto the high chair
tray.  Then daddy started picking on her
and she started to cry.  After she took a
quick bath we opened up gifts.  She did
very well the whole day and did better than I expected!  She was soo tired she fell asleep on Mammaw’s
shoulder which she has NEVER done before, while we cleaned up.  Mommy took off work on Monday after the
doctor’s appointment we went to Target to buy her a birthday gift and use a
gift card then we went to Toys R Us to use a gift card she received.  We picked up a slew of sippy cups to try,
with hope she likes one of them.  We had
a nice day playing and getting our house back in order from the weekend 4/22,
Grandma & Pappy came up for dinner 4/23, We visited the NICU for her
birthday we also picked up our shirts for the March of Dimes walk on Sunday and
we dropped off cupcakes as a Thank You for taking such good care of our little
one!  Her 2 favorite nurses were working
Joanne and Nancy.  We also saw Dr.
Goodstein, Emily, Tara, Robin, Beth, Kelly, Jean, and Tina.  I hope I got everyone.  We haven’t seen Nancy since we have been
discharged.  It was so good to see her
again, but it was busy in there so we didn’t get much time with her 4/24.

Likes: Being mobile, Dancing, Pulling up, Ice
Cream, All her toys, Musical Jungle, Activity table, singing puppy, Sit to
stand walker, Waving, Clapping, playing peek-a-boo, Swinging, Our cell
phones, I Pad, the remote control for the TV (we gave her one of our old
remotes and she loves it, she thinks she has something she shouldn’t), The
keyboard (we gave her one of our old keyboards she loves all the buttons and
keys) Books and turning pages, Chase’s toys and trying to crawl after him,
Emptying pocketbooks or toy box, Playing in the dog bowls and throwing food
into the water bowl and putting her hands in the water bowel and splashing.    

Dislikes:  Initially
laying down on the changing table and sippy cups.

Early Intervention:  Jess
came on Wed. April 24th, Jess arrived and said “hi” to Paige and
Paige waved back with her fingers instead of a salute.  Tom & I looked at each other and said she
wasn’t doing that yesterday.  We
discussed a feeding therapist and her sippy cup issue.  Jess says she’s doesn’t quality for a feeding
therapist just because she won’t use a sippy cup.  She said to try a very small juice box and
try using a straw instead of sippy cup. 
It’s only a small amount we can control what goes in her mouth until she
figures our sucking from a straw.  Paige
was very busy during therapy going from one toy to the next but she wouldn’t
show Jess she was pulling up.  She really
tried cruising around her activity cube.  
Next Appt. 5/1   

Play Time:  Paige
has begun to pull to stand this week.  Paige is crawling and fast and efficient.  She can crawl on the hard wood floor
now.  She loves sitting on her knees
playing with her toys.  When she actually
sits, she will leave her one leg straight out and the other will be bent behind
her so she is ready at any minute to start crawling.  It looks like a split.  She can take steps if  you hold her hands.  She really likes anything that’s in front of
her.  She has a love for paper and plays
with it until it’s so crinkled and destroyed. 
She loves anything she can get her hands on.  She loves emptying out pocketbooks and her
toy box.  Her face lights up when she
smiles.  She is becoming more vocal.  She is babbling at random times to herself or
to us.  We have heard da da da a couple
times, but not directly to Tom yet.  She
is ticklish especially at her thighs, belly, feet and chest, starting to enjoy
being tickled.  When you read to her she
will turn the pages and loves looking at books by herself.  She claps all the time.  Paige will put her arms up for “so big”, and
playing peek-a-boo with us with a blanket. 
She knows her name.  She has
mastered the one finger isolation.  She
tries to unlock our phones with one finger and swipe the screen with one finger
or thumb.  She uses her pointer finger
and scratches at things.  She has started
going forward in her walker more often but likes to go backwards more
often.  She likes turning the light switch
on and off.  She is playing more
independently and quite content as long as she can see us still in the
room.  She reaches for whomever she
wants.  She loves swinging and being
outside.  Whenever she hears someone say
hi she will wave and once she starts she won’t stop waving.  We bought her an activity cube for her
birthday and the one side you put a letter in the cube and it will tell you
what letter it is.  She saw us putting
the letters in the slot and she keeps trying to do and gets pretty close to
doing it herself.  She has started
throwing things this week.  On her jungle
gym she will pick up a ball and put it in the hole.  When it goes down the slide she waits and
watches to see what side it will come out on. 
Whenever any kind of music comes on, (toy, commercial, TV show, singing)
she has to stop what she is doing and dance, she shimmies her shoulders and
moves her hips and butt.  She was some
moves, daddy better watch out.  Her new
favorite thing is too make an O with her lips, it’s so funny 4/25.            

Talking:  Lots of babbling and constant sounds.  Friday morning, she woke up and I gave her a
bottle of milk while watching the baby first TV so I could get ready for
work.   It was the end of the segment and
they said bye-bye while the show was fading out and it was a black screen and I
look over at her and she says “Ba” and lifts her hand and waves.  It was soo cute!  I knew she figure out waving meant hi, but not

Milestone:  Waving