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Paige’s Story


Paige is a junior at St. Joseph's University in Phila, PA. She was born and raised in New Hampshire.

Paige is a neuroblastoma survivior who continues in treatment after 12 years of remission.

Paige was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 1994 at age 4. She endured surgery, aggressive chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. In 1995 she achieved remission. Paige attended school, became an outstanding soccer goalie, played basketball, had lots of fun with friends and had many wonderful experiences over the next several years. She had the opportunity to attend the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp several times and to sail the seas aboard the Harvey Gamage as part of the Maritime Challenge. She is a member of the National Honor Society and a fantastic student.

Paige is an avid NBA fan whose favorite teams are the Bosto Celtics, Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

In the fall of 2006 Paige began experiencing pain in her back and legs. A recurrance of neuroblastomas was determined in December and after 12 years, she began treatment again. Cancer is in her bone marrow and clumped in several places on her arms and legs and spine.

Paige has completed 16 months of treatment. She has been on three different chemotherapies and has achieved good results. At this time, Paige still has bone marrow involvement which shows up slightly on her spine. Paige feels well and attends school as often as posible. She will be graduating with her class in June and is enrolled at St. Joseph's University in Phila.

As we were in the process of transferring Paige's care from New England Medical Center to Children's Hospital of Phila the latest scans showed a return of nb to arms, legs and spine and new areas of involvement in her pelvis and sternum. The planned treatment of ABT 751 was cancelled and a treatment is being planned. Paige will be receiving ultratrace mibg at CHOP the first week of July. She will be inpatient while the radioactive mibg runs it's course and will be released when she is no longer dangerously radioactive. She will receive a stem-cell infusion 2 weeks after the mibg injection and then will recover from the treatment with final analysis at the end of 60 days. Paige will be one of the first (if not the first) child to receive this form of mibg treatment. She was a pioneer of stem cell transplant in 1995 and will be a pioneer again. We are hoping for another good result.

On the happier side, Paige graduated on June 21st on a beautiful sunny day. She was 41st in a class of 398 and finished the year with all A's and one B for the entire senior year after missing more than 1/2 of classes. She is incredible!

Our family is Mom and Dad (Sue and Rick) sister Chelsea, brother Dan, step-sisters Jill, Lori and Kirsten. We have three dogs and a cokatiel.

We wish you all peace, faith, happiness and of course, good health.

Latest Journal Update


Clear Scans.  Yes, four years after relapse Paige is ned for a full year.
Is this a miracle?  Absolutely.  No Doubt.  God is Great.  My gratitude is immense.  Paige will continue on the current treatment of ABT-751 as long as possible.  She is fine with this and the past resistance is gone.  She is doing great.  School has been very challenging, but as always she has risen to meet her goals.  She is going away for the weekend with friends and then will return for finals and then home on Thursday.  Chelsea will be home on the 23rd and we will all be in the same state for the holidays.

My happiness is tempered by my grief for my friends who will be without their children this year, especially Donna and Lisa.  My thoughts are also with Caryn who is enduring the crushing blows neuroblastoma delivers without discrimination.  Much love to you and the many other moms and dads who have suffered this year.

Hugs and Hope.