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Nora’s Story

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Jim Cahill (Nora's PopPops)  

Latest Journal Update

Another Angel

Nancy Jean Volker, Aaron's 55 yr old mother went home peacefully to God last Monday, Sep.22, 2014. Our hearts are broken again. 
2 weeks after Nora went home to God, we found out that Nancy had terminal stage 4 breast cancer. She went on to live for 4 more years, with a high degree of quality of life. We are grateful she met her 2 grandsons and was able to grow in her relationship with her first grand daughter :) 
Her passing was peaceful and hopeful. Aaron was busy putting Andrew to bed and began to think of his mother and felt the time was near, so he asked Nora to go be with Nancy. Suddenly there was a flash of bright light (Nora's name means light) and then the phone rang. When he picked up the phone his father told him Nancy's breaths had gotten unsteady. Then he paused and said she had stopped breathing. Close family was also present. 
Now, here we are in this place again. This place of grief.
Post death is a grace-filled time for Aaron and I. We both have experienced brighter colors outside, more vivid sunrises and sunsets, crisper outlines to the things in nature ... it's beautiful and totally surreal. I noticed it for a couple months after Nora went home and Aaron notices it again now. Life seems more alive somehow. Minutes seems more precious. And the passage of time feels "off" somehow.
Evie says she is going to miss gramma but she is happy she is with Nora. When we got to the family farm, you could tell she got more sad. She asked if she could do something for gramma. Since her current talent lies in cake baking, she thought she wanted to make a cake for gramma. At night she now asks me to draw on her back with my finger at night ... something Nancy used to do for her. 
Andrew is too young to be anything but matter of fact but he needs me and his dad because he is a bit out of sorts. I spent most of the Celebration of Life gathering chasing him in his Ninja Turtle shell and mask, just loving on him like Nancy loved on Aaron. 
The baby is such a joy at this point. He is fat and jolly and you can't help but fall in love and have all sorts of hope when you hold him. 
Aaron, well, he lost his mother. He is crushed. But he knows in a very real way how this goes. So there is some peace to be had in that. 
I just miss her. I never knew how much I would but there is a huge hole where she left that will always be felt. I knew Nancy before I knew Aaron was her son. Our jobs had us cross paths and I honestly thought (before I even knew she had a son at all) that she would be a lovely mother-in-law ... and she was. 
Nancy, we love you. We miss you. We miss baby girl. 
Thank you both for heightening our senses and helping us make these precious moments count. And thanks be to GOD for the Holy Spirit and this grace that holds us in our sadness as well as our friends and family that hold us up. We are truly blessed. 
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Cindi Tagg
By Cindi (Schmidt)Tagg
I am so sorry for your loss. Your words bring tears to my eye. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!
Heather Corley
By Heather Corley
I'm sorry for your loss. I can feel the love you had for her in your writing. God bless and may He give you peace in this time of grief. Hugs,
Nigel Burrell
So sorry to read of your loss. As ever I am praying for you all from the U.K. - best wishes sent out across the miles.

Nigel xxx
Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
I know how it is BC its been 7 months since my GMA passed/and a year and 3 months since my GPA passed what I did yesterday was watch a film about WW2 in German w/ English subtitles. I also play All Jeweler for them both were Indian flutes lovers.
Thinking of you.
Joyce Rademacher
By Joyce Rademacaher
very nice post molly we will continue prayers for your family and Nancy & Nora
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Dot Heins
By Dot Heins
So beautiful, Molly. Thanks for sharing. I miss Nancy also even tho I only got to meet with her limited times, I knew she was special from the very first time. Keep the FAITH and I am thinking of you all. love
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Kendall Anderson
By Kendall Anderson
Prayers to your family. I miss you all. May God bless you with comfort and peace.
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Marilyn U
By Marilyn U
Prayers for peace and comfort for your family at the loss of your precious love one.
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Jennifer Waters
By Jennifer Waters
I am so sorry for your loss. I am pleased to hear she had 4 more years with her grandchildren and that her passing was peaceful. That to me is so important. My heart goes out Aaron as it is difficult losing your mother. There must be some peace in knowing she is with your baby girl once again.
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claudia schmitz
By claudia schmitz
Dear Molly, Aaron, Evie, Andrew and baby boy,
My heart goes out to you. I laid my Mom to rest in August. I know the longing, the aching, that hollow feeling and yes the closeness of the Lord's peace and presence and their nearness as they enter into their eternal rest. Yes thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit and the sweet comfort of his love and grace that softens our grief, gives us hope in our sadness as well as our friends and family who bring us such solace in these uncharted waters of letting go.

Much love and prayers,
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