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Nora’s Story

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Jim Cahill (Nora's PopPops)  

Latest Journal Update

End of Grief ... if there is such a thing

I have been thinking about how long we, as a family have been living under some sort of cloud of grief, it's been 6+ yrs. First we found out about Nora's condition in utero, then we had her, loved her, lost her, and shortly there after we found out about Nancy. Then we watched her slow decline. It's now been almost 8 months since Nancy passed.
Today is the day before Mother's Day, a day filled with emotion for me. But it is the first one since Nancy passed, so it's sad. BUT Evie is receiving her First Communion, so it's deeply entrenched in spiritual beauty too ... true to this crazy life's typical form. The ups tend to be perfectly paired with the tragic downs. 
We as family feel as if we are coming out of the sludge-y pit of grief. We are looking around seeking the beauty again, not merely surviving. It's very odd, coming out of a long stint of survival mode. Part of our new commitment to enjoy life and treasure this time of peace is to spend lots of quality time as a family. When Nancy left, she left us a bit of money, so we purchased a pop-up camper and named it the N.J. Eagle/Flyer (Nora Jane and Nancy Jean). We have two camping vacations booked and we couldn't be more thrilled. I bought new curtains for the living room and dining room. It's strange to think we didn't notice the things around us much at all for so long. We were so focused on getting through the day. Thank God for all the beautiful people around us that picked up the slack and still helped make life beautiful for us. 
We are looking to plant a memorial garden. If anyone has skill in this area, let us know! We want to know especially which plant species attract butterflies and dragonflies :) 
As Mother's Day is almost here: 
A beautiful Mother's Day to all women.
You all have brought the mother spirit to one soul or another, even if you have never held a child you called you own. 
You all are an integral part of the mysterious ebb and flow of this beautiful creation. 
We are joined by womanhood and motherhood and we need each other. 
To those that never had a child and never wanted one, blessings. 
To those that have never had a child, but desired one, blessings.
To those that have lost children either in the open or in the quiet, blessings. 
To those that struggle with the children they do have, blessings.
To those mothers of the world, blessings. 
God Bless All Women!

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Theresa McNiff
By Theresa McNiff
You put beautifully said words on what is in my heart as we progress with each our own timing. I'm soo happy about your upcoming camping trips and pray for perfect weather and lots of stars and even Northern Lights! Love and hugs,
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Marilyn U
By Marilyn U
Happy Mother Day Molly. Hope your family have loads of fun and adventures on the upcoming camping vacations. Take care
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Dot Heins
By Dot and Wally Heins
So beautifully said, Molly. Happy Mother's day to a wonderful with words woman. I enjoy your postings so much. Prayers with you,Aaron,Kevin and Kayla as I know today will be a bittersweet day for you all. I still miss my MOM and she has been gone since 1996, you never forget. Hold to your memories. love you guys.
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Jeanne Ennen
Beautifully said Molly!

I have a memorial garden for my Mom if you would want to see it! It is such a place of peace for me!
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