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Nolan’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated on Nolan's condition. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

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Nolan Jon Sensintaffar was born on October 14, 2010, weighing in at 7 lbs., 4 ozs. Everything was fine until he was about 6 weeks old and began to have trouble eating. By January, he had stopped eating all together. And so began our journey...we have been in five different hospitals in four different cities and three different states and have seen countless doctors and specialists only to hear the same thing...we're not sure what's wrong...Thank you for walking along side us as we struggle to help our son. We will try to update the journal as much as possible and add pictures, too. Please leave us a note in the guestbook! We love hearing from each of you! 

Much Love,

Cody, Heather, Isaac, Griffin and Nolan

Latest Journal Update


From the day we were listed for transplant we were constantly waiting on THE ONE CALL and at any giving moment everything could change...the first month or so our heart's would drop every time we got a phone call! We had our bags packed and by the door...then month two and three came and went... then the holidays came and flew by!!! We couldn't travel too far because we were listed but other then that we carried on like every other year and by January we had developed a new normal being on the transplant list and we decided to go ahead and sign Nolan and Griff up for soccer. Monday night we went to our first practice and they did great. Nolan had his small backpack strapped to him and chased that ball all over. The rest of that evening was like every other. The morning of the 29th Cody and I were awake talking pretty early(for us!!) And at 6:45 a.m. Nebraska called and said this was it...we had a match and we are ready to go!!! All the plans we had been preparing didn't seem to make as much sense that morning...everyone had told me nothing prepares you for that CALL!!! They were right:) I realized our bag was still packed with summer clothes from AUG, I had changed my mind and wanted the boys to see us off instead of us dropping them off at grandparents on our way! But within a few hours we gathered our thoughts, said MANY prayers, had lots of visits to say goodbye, and we were off!

The day of transplant was definitely a nervous one for us but we stood firm in believing God's plan for Nolan and leaned on each other for support! The few days post transplant are somewhat of a blurr to sleep, not being able to hold Nolan and just waiting!!!!

After an early phase of rejection, several surgeries, many many months living in the hospital both in Nebraska and in Tulsa and lots of trips to Nebraska to meet with our medical team we made it!! We did it!!! We ARE doing it:)

Nolan's first year post transplant has not been an easy road...they warned us it wouldn't be but what a strong and determined little guy he has been and not once did he lose his loving personality and gorgeous smile! He is all of our inspiration and we are a much stronger family (all 5 of us) by having a year like we have had! We definitely would not have made it without our support from ALL of you...our incredible family, friends, community and even many we do not even know have rallied around us and never let us go! Words do not describe our appreciation!!!

I can't go without saying that not a day goes by now that I do not think of our donor family and their most gracious gift that we are forever grateful for! We have not heard back from them but we believe that in God's time we will and until then we will strive to raise Nolan to be appreciative of his gift of life and hope they can one day see their precious Angel's legacy being carried on thru him! Like so many days I find myself struggling to celebrate knowing this sweet family is also remembering this day in such a different way then ours and my heart hurts for them! They too are our heroes for being so brave and making such a difficult decision. Cody said it perfect....we are able to celebrate Nolan today because someone made the decision to donate LIFE!!

We are still traveling to Nebraska and we are working hard to keep Nolan well during sick season so that this spring we are ready to get aggressive with Nolan's new tummy!!!

I apologize for this LONG post but we wanted to share how special this journey has been so far and we hope you join us in celebrating....