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Mi historia

Welcome to our Caring Bridge website.  What an awesome tool to keep in touch with friends and family.  We love your comments.  Check out the photos.  God Bless You. Nolan & Janet

On April 17 at approximately 1:00, Nolan was hit in the head with a metal gate that was kicked by a steer at Tulia Feedlot.   He was loading his load into the trailer when this happened.  He was airlifted to Northwest Texas in Amarillo.   I got the call and left school and beat the helicopter.  I had to cut across the median, opposite road, ditch and access road, but i got there as the helicopter was landing.  At first I was given little info on his condition.  When they let me know what was going on, I was told that he had a massive head injury and they were going to install a "bolt" to measure the pressure in his brain, in order to keep an eye on swelling.  He was taken to AICU.  I am considered the "care-giver" so I can stay with him all the time except for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.  He was heavily sedated in order to keep him from moving.  He was so fragile that he was in a minimum stimulation room.   Kept dark, little or no noise, whispers only, no stimulation of any kind, no patting, rubbing, that sort of little thing you just do.  I could only place my hand gently on his.  We eventually had to go to surgery to remove blood clots.  That was svery successful.   He had a trach and a feeding tube put in to make him more comfortable.  We are still in ICU, still critical, but in better shape.  He has not had the sedatives for a couple of days, and is being weaned off the ventilator slowly.  He has shown signs of waking, but after all he has been through, i am told this will take a while.   I wait and pray continually.   that keeps me going.   I am so awed by all of the prayers being offered for his healing by friends, loved ones, and even strangers.   It truly shows the power and faith of people.  I see God's hand on him as he is still with me.   He is truly a miracle.   I realize that each moment, each day is absolutely a gift from God and should be treasured.  


Janet Bontke posted a new journal entry.

Sweet day with the kids.  We woke up lazy.  WAtched Happy Feet 2 and then had cinnamon rolls.    Spent the rest of the morning in the living room just hanging out.  ... Lea más

Karen Sandlin signed Nolan's Guestbook.

Today is a day that will be vivid in your memory the rest of your life. I could not let this day pass without telling you that I care about you.God's peace be with you, ... Lea más

stephanie t-sweatt signed Nolan's Guestbook.

Janet, I am so, so sorry about Max. What a beautiful 4- footed friend he has bee to you and your family I know your heart is hurting tonight. I am thinking about you ... Lea más

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Thinking about Max tonight. I hope he is easy and not in pain. Remembering your Nolan~ Love and prayers, Stephanie Lea más

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I saw the video of Izzy on the tractor today. is plain to see the child has no fear.  All of your Grands love spending time with you at the house.  But, if you move they ... Lea más

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what a busy day.  I ended up with two extra helpers!!!  They are non stop.  Josh came this mornig to pick up the utility trailer to start loading to move.  He dropped ... Lea más

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Ok the site just started a acting possessed. Kind of scary what all it was doing on my previous post, so I just got out of it as quick as I could. I sure hope you will ... Lea más

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I think we need to hang out with Gizmo. He seems to be the social butterfly.  I'm glad you get to be with your family and spend time with your mom, the birthday girl. ... Lea más

Janet Bontke posted a new journal entry.

I call today "Torture Janet Day".   I was so frustrated at PT today.   I can lay flat on the table and lift my right leg and do the exercises.  When I lift my left ... Lea más

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The dream you had was bittersweet. I'm sure you would have loved to have slept forever and kept on dreaming and dreaming about your Nolan. Dreaming is nature's way of ... Lea más

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So sorry I had to skip out on lunch. I just haven't felt good for the past three days. I came home early from work, took some pepto, and laid on the couch all afternoon. I ... Lea más

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