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Sweet day with the kids.  We woke up lazy.  WAtched Happy Feet 2 and then had cinnamon rolls.    Spent the rest of the morning in the living room just hanging out.  Kids had out my magnets and the big exercise ball and the Kindle.  We just enjoyed being together.  Kara surprised us around noon.  We never heard her drive up!!  She got Kaden and it was just us girls. 

Izzy was happy playing in the living room.  Around the middle of the afternoon, we went outside.  I had planned to use the mower and sweep the backyard but it was so windy.  So I raked piles of stuff.  Makes it easier when I do sweep.   Izzy brought Josh's old riding tractor out and rode it d own the ramp.  I was not sure it was a good idea but she never crashed.  I told her if she was going to do that she had to get the tractor up the ramp herself.  She did.   She is a very determined little girl.  We had pancakes for supper.  Blueberry!!!  I have not made them in a long time because I don't like mixing for just one person.  Izzy wanted strawberries sliced on top of hers like on the box.  She ate 3 big pancakes.  It is fun when the kids are here cause I can at least cook something.  Not just sandwiches and cereal.  Even if it is only hotdogs or pancakes, there are enough here to cook for. 

Gizmo likes to sleep right next to Izzy.  He does pretty good.  Sometimes he wakes up and wants to kiss her.  She does not like that.  I don't blame her.  He is really spoiled with her here.  He gets attention all of the time.  He loves the kids.  Playa and Max sleep almost all the day.  They get up to eat and go outside once in a while.  I think they hold it as long as they can so they don't have to get up and go out.   They are definitely getting older. 

I could tell when the cold front hit.  We were outside and the wind switched and was instantly cooler.  Now it is cold outside.  Today we were outside and I had the AC on in the house.  Not cranked down but set to cool things off.  Now the heater is back on.  West Texas weather.  Crazy.

Please keep praying for my friends.  Lori is still recovering from her second back surgery.  Brent is making plans for a new treatment to eliminate any trace in his body.  Gene is still waiting on test results to see what he is dealing with.  Claude is hard at work recovering from his broken hip.  Just a few updates.  My niece will find out more about her daughter's bone issue in a week or so.   Josh and Kara close on their home in one week.  By the middle of next week, they will be in their new home.  Please pray a lsmooth move.  Pray that God will send the perfect people to my home when the time is right.  I tend to get very impatient these days.  Pray that I will be patient while waiting for God's direction to be clear.  Pray that the answers I have been waiting for will be soon and be very positive.

Izzy does not want me to move to a new house.  I thought she would say she did not want me to go.  Nope, she does not want me to move cause she likes my house.  She loves to be in the yard and dig.  She just likes my house.  Wouldn't it be great to see things with the eyes of a child?  To see what they see?  I would love that.  I have to be careful not to get tunnel vision.  To only see things one way.  A child just seems to see the whole picture.  And all the specialness around.  Izzy loves my redneck garden.  She calls it the tire garden.  She and Kaden just love being out here.  In their new home, they will have a huge backyard to play in.  

I am creeping up on the 5th anniversary of Nolan's accident.  That moment in time changed our life forever.  Not much remained the same.  I definitely changed  No way to go through something like that and not be changed.  God has certainly been with us on a wild ride.  I have a feeling it is not over yet. 

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Karen Sandlin
By Karen
Janet, have you listed your house with a realtor or is it just listed for sale with the land? If you have said, I missed it.
Enjoy your time with Izzy. It is exhausting but they grow up so fast!
Fred Risser
By Fred Risser
Yes, it is strange that 5 years is nearly here! And it is definitely a different feeling this year. I will be praying extra hard on that day.
On channel 11 news tonight they did a feature on REFUGE. I think it was pretty good, but it would have been better if Nolan could have been in it.
On NBC Today this morning they did a feature on 2 boys from Roaring Springs. They are very good rodeo performers. The boys are the grandsons of one of my best friends. They portrayed them well. There is a chance they will be taken to New York for another appearance. In Nolan's scrapbook there is a picture of a white mule that lives at that arena. The arena was a gift from one of their Uncles, but Grandpa Harold built it and maintains it.