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what a busy day.  I ended up with two extra helpers!!!  They are non stop.  Josh came this mornig to pick up the utility trailer to start loading to move.  He dropped off Kaden and Izzy.  Izzy is staying with me til Tuesday but Kaden wanted to spend the weekend with me.   We dug holes in the yard and spent quite a bit of time outside this morning.  It was so nice.  I told them we would go see Rio 2.  We were going to go at 1 but there was no way to get lunch in before time for the movie so we went at 4.  We got set down and of course, Izzy had to go to the bathroom.  In there she told me that she would fall asleep in 2 minutes, she always does.  And she did!  A little more than 2 minutes, but still, she slept through most of the movie.  silly girl.

We had to go to WM to get dog food and a little people food.  I had very little to feed two hungry little ones.  We came home with plenty and even made cupcakes.  I think Izzy wanted to make cupcakes so she could lick the bowl.  I know you are supposed to not let them lick the bowl, but I did.  I even had a few licks myself.  Pretty good.

We went to bed watching Happy Feet 2.  I guess it was our day for sequels.  Izzy was not going to go to sleep but she was out pretty quick.

I was tired all day.  I had a good time yesterday for my mom;s birthday meal.  I went a little early to see my brother's patio.  He had flagstone laid and a pergola built.  It looked great.  Gizmo stayed with their little dog while we went to eat.  Afterwards, my other brother came over to see the patio and we had a good time visiting.  My mom had to go on home.  Her neck was bothering her.  She was ready to get home to her heating pad.  I know that feeling.

It is always interesting when the kids are here.  I never know what they will come up with.  We have the most interesting conversations.  I have to be ready for whatever topic comes up!!1

Please keep praying for those who have lost loved ones.  Pray for Kenneth, Gene, Butch, Rodney, Lori, Tori, Debra, Linda and many others.  Pray for Izzy's day care provider.  She was just diagnosed with cancer.  Pray for Kaden and the other kids who are getting ready for the STAAR test very soon.  Pray for their teachers who are feeling the stress.  Pray for JOsh and Kara's move to go smoothly.  For someone to discover my house and fall in love with it.  For God to shed light on the path He has prepared for me.   Pray for peace and strength and wisdom.  For those answers I am still waiting for.

I was so afraid the kids would have trouble going to sleep.  They had Icee's at the movie and popcorn and a candy treat in their popcorn box.  Then McD for supper and they both had a cupcake.  And Grapes.  I was not sure they would go to sleep but they have been out for quite a while.  Gizmo took a short nap, and is wide awake now.  I am sure he slept while we were gone.  He got a bath and is feeling pretty prissy.  Hopefully he will go back to sleep soon and I can crash too.  Lots of crazy dreams last night.  

I got home kind of late last night. My sweet neighbor called me 3 times on my drive home to make sure I was safe.  I told her I was very safe, I was old and cranky.  that should keep anything away.  She is so sweet.  Always checks on me if she knows I am out and about.  I would imagine she stayed up til she saw my lights come on.  So blessed to have people like that care about me. 

I wanted to go to church in the morning to hear the Easter musical.  I always seem to miss the church musicals.  I thought I would take Izzy but with both of them, it might be a bit much.  I hope it is on the radio so I can at least listen to it.  I hope they sleep late in the morning.    Gizmo is determined to lick Izzy's face.  He keeps getting as close as he can ane getting in one lick at a time.  This might be an interesting night.