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I call today "Torture Janet Day".   I was so frustrated at PT today.   I can lay flat on the table and lift my right leg and do the exercises.  When I lift my left leg, I swear my whole body moves.  It is like it won't move on its own, the hip, belly, back and everything else has to move with it.  I could not make my body lie flat when I lift that leg.  That was just one of the frustrations there.  My poor therapist just laughed.  He did recommend another shot....soon!!!!! 

then I went on a search for sunflower paper plates and napkins for a shower.  I looked and looked and finally found a few packages at a party store.  Apparently they are the only plates like that in Lubbock!!!!!  But I found them finally.  After that it was on to the dermatologist.   My Ob/Gyn had suggested that I get a skin check.  I have never had one.  So that is what I did.  I had gotten the paper work here at the house and had clipped it to my calendar.  Yep.  I forgot it.  I went  to my appointment early to fill out the papers again.  I was worried that I would be late picking  up Izzy.  My appointment was 3:30 and I had to get her before 5:30.  I usually pick her up around 3:30.  But once I got into the room, he did a head to toe check in under about 10 minutes.  Fast as could be.  Which is good.  Except.  I have these ugly brown spots on my hands and arms.  You know those ugly age spots.  Well, he said he could cut a few out, but then he decided to freeze them off  RIGHT THEN!!!  And he did not tell me that it hurt so much!!!!!!!  OUCH!!!  I told the receptionist that when I was leaving and she laughed.  She said if we told people how much it hurt, no one would let them do it.  True.  It hurt for about 2 hours.  Still kind of hurts but not bad.  I was going to ask him to get rid of some more but after that, I decided I like them.   They are remnants of a childhood spent playing outside.  I will keep them.

I picked up rainbow snow cones for Izzy and Kaden.   She picked out the flavor for them both.  Amazing how exciting shaved ice and syrup can be.  But I kind of like them too.

I was just chilling at Josh's when the realtor called and the people buying JOsh's house wanted to come over to talk to him about his tv set up.  He put all the boxes into the closet, out of sight.  So he vacuumed and I mopped while the kids picked up their toys and the puppies' toys.  Gizmo and Maddie like to drag around everything that they can find.  We had it looking good by the time Kara got home.  I told her I would think they would give a little more than an  hour before coming by.  But it was ok.  All cleaned up, except for the mountain of boxes!!  They are ready to pack up everything and move.

I realized today how very blessed I am.....again.  I have had several annual check ups lately, including this skin check and they all were great.  No issues.  With so many of my friends having problems, I feel blessed.  We take our good health for granted.

Please keep praying for those who have lost loved ones.  For Claude, Kenneth, Rodney, Brent, Gene, Tori, Lori, and so many more.   Pray for an easy transition for JOsh and Kara.  For a sweet family to find my house.  For me to find God's path for me.  For peace during this time of learning to live without the one I love most. 

I turned on my air conditioner this evening.  I was going to wait until the guys came and checked it all out, but it was stuffy and warm in the house.  Now I keep thinking I smell something slightly dead.  Maybe it is just the smell of the air conditioner from sitting all through the winter.  I sure hope so.  It is just ever so slight and I can't quite get a good whiff of it to tell what it is.  I am really hoping it is just staleness.  If not, the AC guy can find it for me!!!

I am still slightly amazed at how bad that freezing hurt.  I am so glad it was only pretty small spots.  they still kind of hurt, like a burn or something.  I was not expecting freezing to hurt.  I guess I thought it would just be really cold and that would be it.  I was not sure if something would fall off or what.  Another new experience for me.  I am just really getting into that.......shots in my hip, injections into the hip joint, freezing spots on my hands.  Yep, really getting in those new experiences.  Now all I need to do is add a root canal.  Sad thing is that I will probably have to revisit the shot in the hip a few more times.  Yuck yuck.  Hopefully no more injections into the joint.  Or freezing. 

Tomorrow I am going to Clovis in the afternoon.  My Mom's birthday was yesterday.  We are all getting together  for supper to celebrate.   We try to get together a few times every year.  It gets harder and harder to get everyone together.  My kids are too far off and another niece is as well.  The others are so busy that they come sometimes and miss others.  Usually my 3 brothers are always there.  I haven't seen my youngest, Nolan's hunting partner, since Nolan's service.  He travels a lot for his company.  It will be good to catch up with him.  My other younger brother has been over a couple of times to help me with stuff.  We are going to meet at Shogun's.  It will be a little different.  Something besides Mexican or pizza.  Gizmo is going with me.  He is going to stay at my brothers house and play with their little dog.  Well, kind of.  Meko is not much of a player.  Gizmo just runs around him and tries to play but Meko doesn't like playing with other dogs.  He is never mean to Gizmo but just not interested in playing.  Silly dogs.  Gizmo has quite a social life.  Twice a week play dates with Maddie and then Meko and Summer's little dog, Runner.  He has a more active social life than I do!!!!!!! 

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Kay Richards
By Kay Richards
Janet, you are so right about how that freezing hurts. I agreed with your decision to like your spots and keep them. I'm home this afternoon for a little while and catching up on emails. (They can't seem to get the Wi-Fi fixed at the rehab facility. Almost 3 weeks without using my laptop. I miss it daily.) Don't have time to go back and read all your postings so I'll just go with today's. I hope your family has a great day celebrating your mom's birthday. Laughed at Gizmo's social life! Claude is getting stronger. Surgeon said x-rays and incision look good. And he's beginning to remember how to do things he did at home. Amazing how much better it goes when you get the pain under control. Think of you often and know you will be glad to find the right buyer for your house.