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By stephanie t-sweatt — Apr 10, 2014 12:19am
The dream you had was bittersweet. I'm sure you would have loved to have slept forever and kept on dreaming and dreaming about your Nolan. Dreaming is nature's way of helping you remember Nolan when he was the picture of health and happy go lucky. They help you recover some of the happy times that you crave to remember. I know you shared happy times together after the accident, but you are able to remember those times. Hopefully, sweet dreams like this one will help bring you some smiles and some comfort to know you CAN remember his voice, laughter and orneriness before the hospital days.

I wish there was a fast forward button you could push to get past the hard part of grieving. Unfortunately, the only way to heal is to go through it. That reminds me of that silly little story we use to tell the kids about the BEAR HUNT. "You can't go over it....You can't go under it....You can't go around it....You have to go through it." I guess that is how grief is, too. And you have to go through it in your own way and time. I promise those numb feelings will come back alive and the hole in your tummy will begin to close and there will be a little glimmer of light at the end of the long, lonely dark tunnel. I promise, and I don't break promises. You will always have your moments of missing Nolan and the scar will always be there, but it will not be all consuming like it is now.

Praying for those who are hurting tonight and those who are dealing with losses. Remembering those on your list and those close to my heart. I just know the perfect family will find their way to buy your home. Once they walk in it, they won't help but feel the love and laughter that has been in your home.

Remembering your Nolan~
Love and prayers,
PS>>>That is some mighty fine fudge. Of coarse, I have already dug into it. YUMMMMMM!
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