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My Story

Welcome to our Caring Bridge website.  What an awesome tool to keep in touch with friends and family.  We love your comments.  Check out the photos.  God Bless You. Nolan & Janet

On April 17 at approximately 1:00, Nolan was hit in the head with a metal gate that was kicked by a steer at Tulia Feedlot.   He was loading his load into the trailer when this happened.  He was airlifted to Northwest Texas in Amarillo.   I got the call and left school and beat the helicopter.  I had to cut across the median, opposite road, ditch and access road, but i got there as the helicopter was landing.  At first I was given little info on his condition.  When they let me know what was going on, I was told that he had a massive head injury and they were going to install a "bolt" to measure the pressure in his brain, in order to keep an eye on swelling.  He was taken to AICU.  I am considered the "care-giver" so I can stay with him all the time except for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.  He was heavily sedated in order to keep him from moving.  He was so fragile that he was in a minimum stimulation room.   Kept dark, little or no noise, whispers only, no stimulation of any kind, no patting, rubbing, that sort of little thing you just do.  I could only place my hand gently on his.  We eventually had to go to surgery to remove blood clots.  That was svery successful.   He had a trach and a feeding tube put in to make him more comfortable.  We are still in ICU, still critical, but in better shape.  He has not had the sedatives for a couple of days, and is being weaned off the ventilator slowly.  He has shown signs of waking, but after all he has been through, i am told this will take a while.   I wait and pray continually.   that keeps me going.   I am so awed by all of the prayers being offered for his healing by friends, loved ones, and even strangers.   It truly shows the power and faith of people.  I see God's hand on him as he is still with me.   He is truly a miracle.   I realize that each moment, each day is absolutely a gift from God and should be treasured.  


Janet Bontke posted a new journal entry.

Just a quick question.   Is anybody out there?    Besides my ever faithful and loyal crew, Steph, Kay, Kay R and my mom.??????????   Still trying to decide if I ... Read more

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Janet, I read every post and will continue to as long as you feel the need to post.  It should be something you do for yourself, not others. Read more

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Miss Janet, I may not post in your guest book but I read your posts all the time. Do what you feel I your hert you need to in regards to keeping this journal or getting a ... Read more

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I'm here and accounted for.  Janet,  I would do whatever you think is more healing for you.  If you need this site, you should continue writing.  If it is becoming ... Read more

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I'm sorry but i could not help but laugh at the flying dove story.  That would have made a really fun cartoon.  Poor traumatized Gizmo and Poor traumatized bird.  Glad ... Read more

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I was not going to write tonight.  My days are pretty boring usually.  I just try to get through and hopefully take another tiny step toward healing from loss and ... Read more

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Janet, I've thought about you all day. I knew you would be reliving the day minute by minute. I don't understand why all the details endure when sometimes we can't ... Read more

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This is my third time to try and post. I'm not liking this change. I am so sorry for this hard day. You and Steph have been in my thoughts. A day that forever changed ... Read more

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What a day of emotions. Such sweet people expressing love and support. All day I kept remembering that day 5 years ago. This date is the date of a dear friend's loved ... Read more

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Today is a day that will be vivid in your memory the rest of your life. I could not let this day pass without telling you that I care about you.God's peace be with you, ... Read more

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