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Just wanted to update everyone on Noah and how awesome he is doing. Noah continues to work out several times a week and it is REALLY starting to show. He's looking like the Noah we all know and love!

He is also keeping good spirits and adjusting to daily activities along with his prosthetic and how his body is changing. Of course we all know that his determination and drive to do everything is important to him, and he is doing just that each day.

An update on his leg and the range of motion... Two weeks ago, Noah went for an outpatient surgery with his Orthopedic Dr. to see if they could get more range on his knee. The surgery was short and Noah is now at a full 0-90 range. Not as much as he hoped, but the Dr. said that if he continued to crank, he had a chance of popping Noah's quad muscle...we don't want that! There is a possiblity of going back in at a later date to look at his heterotopic osification (HO - the extra bone growth) and seeing if they can get more range. For now, the Dr. said to keep up with therapy and working hard with his leg and he would be good. Noah is almost ready to advance to a new leg as well with the progress he has made so far with the original one.

Progress on the arm is not as hopeful as Noah would like right now. He started with a body movement arm which was functioned by his muscles and own movements. However, the fit was not correct with the arm and with Noah working out, he was not getting the results we hoped for with the arm. He now has an appointment next week to go see an arm specialist so he can get on the road to working with this. He is anxiously awaiting the use of an arm!

Right now, he will continue working out, doing what he does and keep getting better! Noah is also excited to go hunting in a week. Fingers crossed for a big buck!!!

Thank you all for the continued thoughts, prayers and love. Noah and I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for us!