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Things have been going VERY well with Noah. He continues to progress daily and achieve goals. He has been up and moving around on his new leg for weeks now. He has even upgraded his fire boot to a new work leg. This makes it easier for him to click out of one prosthetic and into another quickly. Noah is also now working on using his prosthetic arm. He has his body movement arm at home and is working on how to pick things up, move around and balance out, and how to lock/unlock his elbow. This is going to take some time, but if anyone can do it, Noah can.

Noah has also achieved another great milestone... he is back to driving. He successfully took a medical evaluation and passed with flying colors so that he can safely drive again. He now has the opportunity to use a knob on the wheel to help with steering and corners. He is a great driver, both in small and large vehicles.

Noah is also back to working out strong. He is lifting weights consistently and if you have seen him lately, you are seeing those big muscles come right back out. So proud of his determination and strength to do what he loves the most.

Noah is going to the Dr. early next week to talk about his knee. Although he is doing well, he is going to talk about an upcoming surgery to help with range of motion on the knee. Nothing too extensive... an outpatient surgery that will do months of therapy in minutes to get that knee bending like it should!

Continued thanks for the thoughts, prayers and love!!!