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Hello all! Just wanted to do a quick update on Noah's progress.

He continues to shine in his therapy sessions. Noah is still working hard at his paramedic class in speech as well as problem solving, quick thinking and other skills. His therapist continues to challenge him with concepts and push Noah to get back to his full capacity.

Noah is also working well in OT. He is anxiously awaiting casting of his arm so he can continue therapy with his prosthetic. His therapist has high expectations of Noah to do well with his arm and progress quickly with skills.

Lastly, Noah is excelling in his PT. He continues to work on strength and knee flexion. Noah now has a Dynasplint that he wears to help his knee bend even further. We will watch progress with this and report back to his Orthopedic Surgeon in a few weeks. In therapy, Noah continues to work on leg exercises for range of motion and strength. He also does well walking with the therapist and working on balance and stability.

Noah has now upgraded to walking alone with just the help of a cane. He does very well getting around at home and out and about. He is gradually lifting restrictions in the home and community and working hard at getting his life back to where he wants it. His determination is high to progress and get back to work and other things.

Thank you to all who continue to send thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We are so appreciative of the support and positive energy. We look forward to seeing many at the Waterfights at the Durand Fire Station and Benefit on August 25th at the Durand Legion.