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It has been a while since we last updated. Wanted to get everyone up do date with Noah's progress and things that have been going on.

Noah has been doing very well in therapy. He continues to work on range of motion and strength in his left arm in occupational therapy. With his determination getting bigger, he is making strides in doing daily living tasks. He gets around our house well, doing many things for himself.

Noah is also doing great in speech therapy. He is working well with his therapist to increase his complex thinking, his problem solving skills and his impulsivity. He is doing great with this and has a variety of activities that helps him. Noah is also working really hard on his paramedic information with his therapist. He is studying hard and doing questions and case studies to help prepare for finishing his course as planned. He cannot wait to get back to the field!

The biggest and most exciting therapy is his physical therapy. Noah continues to work on his range of motion and strength in his legs. He does many stretches to get his flexion in his knee and work on getting his leg ready for standing and walking.

Noah is very excited to share that he went last week to his prosthesist and picked up his first training leg! Immediately upon putting it on, Noah stood up, got his balance and started walking! It was a magical sight to see and such a special moment for us to share with each other! Since then, Noah has had the leg at home and is allowed to stand and stretch with it. He is on strict instructions not to walk at home, only in therapy with the training leg until he gets his permanent leg and on a wearing schedule. He continues to work on walking, weight shifting, balance and walking with his leg in therapy.

Noah has also went to see his orthopedic surgeon since we last updated. He checked on his residual limbs and said everything is looking great. Healing is amazing and his strength is good, as well as his pain being low. The only concern for the orthopedic was the range of motion in the arm and leg, but was certain that this would come with extensive therapy and hard work at home.

With all of the therapy and doctor visits that Noah has, we still manage to keep ourselves busy with friends and family. We have went to a surprise birthday party with family and a great couples wedding shower with friends and family. Noah and I went to the fair and saw Dierks Bentley, which turned out to be a great show...until the downpour of rain! Noah even went to fire training at the station and out for a boys night to the fair!

Last big thing that happened for Noah was very special. Noah was presented with the quilt full of patches that were collected. We had a small ceremony with many supporters at the fire station for this. The quilt looks amazing and has over 200 patches on it. The other 500+ patches that Noah received were put into albums for him to enjoy for a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who sent patches from all over the country to all over the world. It was great to see Noah's face with this presentation and to read the article in the local paper about the entire project. The support and love that poured out was incredible!

Thank you everyone for all of the continued support, love and prayers. Noah has gotten so far, and we have gotten stronger as a couple through everything we have gone through together, and with all of you!