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Hello all! Thank you for keeping updated on Noah's progress and checking in for new information and things happening. Noah has been doing great since we last updated and has LOTS going on for him in the past few weeks.

Noah and I left for vacation to the serenity of northern WI on June 16th and had a week of greatness up there with great people. We were able to enjoy good weather, sunny skies, some rain and good times. We did lots of fishing, catching some great bass and blue gills, along with 29", 30" and 36" northerns! We brought home some great packages to cook up and eat! Our biggest news from vacation came early in the week where we were out in the boat getting ready to fish. Noah had his own surprise catch and proposed! It was a magical time for both of us and we are happy to say we are officially engaged!!!

Since returning from vacation, Noah has started his outpatient therapy. He has gone twice now to both physical and speech therapy. His initial visits were for screening and seeing where his baseline was. His other visits jumped right into therapy.

The physical therapist is going to be working hard on range of motion of Noah's left knee and getting him up and mobile. He wants Noah to really focus on bending and lengthening his knee as well as exercises that keep his muscles loose and moving around. He also said that once Noah gets fit for his prosthetic, he will work hard on getting him up, walking and just general mobility. He wants to work on getting Noah back to where he was so he can do his daily tasks and work tasks at his best ability.

Noah will start the casting and fitting process for his leg prosthetic sometime next week. He has been working closely with his prosthesist on what will be the best fit for him and the most practical equipment for Noah to get back to his life in full swing.

The speech therapist did her initial evaluation and said that Noah's main goals will be to work on memory skills, impulsivity, and complex thinking like divided attention skills. She also said she is very willing to help Noah with any cognitive skills that he might need when he goes back to work and to finish up his paramedic class. We will be bringing in many supplies of our own to work on with her to get Noah back to top notch thinking!

Noah also went to the Dr. and got more of his medications eliminated as well as getting his body back to normal functioning. He is very happy to be getting himself back to where he was prior to the accident. Although we know it will take time, dedication to therapy and hard work at home, Noah and I are ready for the challenge.

We thank all of you for your continued support, love, positive thoughts, encouragement, congratulations and prayers!!!