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Noah has been doing very well! He is getting adjusted to living at home and becoming much more independent. Noah is getting back to his life and having fun with family and friends. He is getting out and finding his routine again.

Noah has been doing great with therapy at home. He works hard daily on his speech, ot exercises, and his physical exercises. Noah is making lots of progress and becoming stronger through the things we are doing together at home. He is still on a waiting list for outpatient therapy so we are doing even more at home and looking into all of his options so Noah can get the therapy he needs and keep making strides.

Since our last update, Noah has also had a few Dr visits. He went to his primary care Dr and talked about pain management, medications and general health. Noah really liked his primary care and was happy with his appointment. His Dr lowered Noahs pain dosage since Noah was already weaning himself off as much as possible. He also stopped some medications that he no longer needed. He also said if Noah needed anything to just call and we would get right in.

Noah also went to see his orthopedic Dr. He said Noah is looking good and healing well. He said that things are going great and he is excited for Noah to get prosthetics and get on his road to recovery, rehab and back to life. The Dr is on a monthly follow up with Noah to check on healing, bone growth and getting up and moving. He said that he will be a big advocate for Noah and he wants only the best for him to go back to everything get was doing in life and more.

Later in the week, Noah met with his prosthesist at home and they checked on the shape and size of the limbs. He is very excited to start casting and fitting Noah for his leg and his arm. He said Noahs amputation sites are looking awesome and his big focus right now should be on therapy and range of motion along with strength to be ready for prosthetics. Noah will begin the process of getting his leg in early July. He is very excited for this!

Noah was also excited about an open house we attended last night. We went to the office of Noahs prosthetics man. It was great to meet the staff, see the work they do, and talk to other patients. Noah was all smiles and uplifted talking to other amputees. He got to see that life has no limits and goes on just like it should. Noah also met a special man, Dana, who is a double leg amputee who lost his legs while jumping with the golden knights. They took a special liking to each other and talked all night about life and having a positive attitude and looking toward the future and the journey of life.

All in all, things are going well for Noah. Great to see him making progress and not letting any of lifes changes get the best of him. He is inspiring with his positive attitude, strength, determination and never give up fight! Please continue to keep Noah in thoughts and prayers!

And as an fyi... updates will be limited as Noah and I will be gone on vacation! Much needed time away, relaxation, fishing and fun!