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Nikki’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update


Hello every one,
Nikki's doctors have discontinued her anesthesia meds and they are waiting for her to wake up. According to the nurses the waking up process takes about five to seven days. When she wakes up her heart rate goes into 150s and 160s, her blood pressure elevates, and her respiration doubles or triples. This is all because she is starting to feel pain. She has pain at the area of her craniotomy, where her elbow and forearm is broken, her crushed sinuses and broken nose, she has tubes inserted every where, she has pic lines and I.V.s every where, and all of these cause so much pain that when she wakes up she starts shivering, and thus the nurses give her a pain killer to calm her down. It feels like a game of up down every hour, and then we go for the next round. I have been at the hospital since 10 am today and will be staying in for probably the next three or four days.
Tomorrow at 1:30 pm, she will be going to surgury to fix broken elbow and forearm and nose, and the process of waking up will continue on the round after surgery. She has an out of control temp and has a productive cough now. They've done blood, urine and sputom culture and the results are coming back tomorrow before surg.
Her head and neck MRI came back ok for her neck and therefore they removed her neck collor. Hospital pillows are very uncomfortable, I went to Sears and got Nikki a very comfortable pillow. The head report is little more complicated due to all of the surgeries and internal bleeding.
Father Anthony came in and brough Nikki an Icon, and prayed for her, he will continue coming in and praying for her every night. He is such a lovely man, just a very positive and kind man.

I am exhosted, my poor mom is been with me all day, I am going back to Nikki's room. I just cant stay away.

sleep tight, I will update tomorrow.

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Rametin Movahhed
By Rametin Movahhed
Hi Solmaz, Haven't heard anything new since your last update...I hope all is going well and Nikki is recuperating rapidly. Look forward to hearing from you once again!
Maureen Schwersensky
By Maureen
Hi Solmaz, you might remember me from Maranatha. Christian Schools. I saw you on TV and want you to know that I have contacted teachers I fouls and we are praying for Nikki. I actually have a copy of a piece of art Nikki did at MCS that I have always loved and hangs on my wall to this day! Much love and prayers, Maureen Schwersensky
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Rametin Movahhed
By Rametin Movahhed
Sending you much love during your awaking hours dear Nikki. I look forward to seeing your infectious smile soon again :)
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Jason Alexander
By Jason
Good Luck Nikki. I am with you in spirit and in mind. I anxiously await to see how it goes.... minute by minute.....
with a huge sqeezie hug and tons of pure love....
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Mahshid SAREM
By Mahshid ,Omid
I am sending a special prayer for Nikki today, May God stay with you during your surgery, lots of prayers and positive thoughts going your way ❤️❤️❤️
Love , omid and mahshid
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Odete Cardoso
By Odete Odete
I am sending a special prayer for Nikki today, May God stay with you during your surgery, I know you are in EXELLENT hands at the Scripps and you will be fine. So happy you will be waking up soon. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts going your way . Love Odete
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Todd Swenke
By Todd aka Jess's Dad..!
Unconditional Love is a Beautiful thing Solmaz..! I am so Proud of Nikki...!