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Nikki’s Story

"Mom, my arm feels funny..... Mom, I can't talk right"........
Read My Story for more info on how this started:

All I can say is a visit to the ER changed our life forever. It started out as any other day - but with one TERRIBLE ending. She said her arm felt numb. I told her it was just "asleep" and to shake it off. She then came to me and with very slurred speech - "mom something is wrong with my face". My heart dropped. I thought she had a stroke as it was the same side as the numb arm. She looked very afraid. We went to St.Josephs where her blood pressure was up and she could not say her birthday or the year it was. But after time you could see she was starting to come around. She fell HARD asleep while waiting to see a doctor. The doctor told us it was ANXIETY and we would be on our way home soon. But the CATSCAN said otherwise. That night will never be forgotten. It will never fade. Nicole was having a seizure due to the hydrocephalus built up in the brain. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor on April 14th and the medulloblastoma the size of a racket ball was removed on April 18th. She has since completed 30 days of radiation and is completed her 14 months of chemo. She did have a port placed as well as a feeding tube. ** update **BOTH TUBE AND PORT HAVE BEEN REMOVED (2008) Currently, she is in therapy to repair the "right side" confusion caused by the surgery.  ** update ** 2009 she still continues to go to therapy and is still improving daily.

Nik is now in 9th grade and enjoying being at school with many of her friends. She continues to have some right side "confusion" but with PT and OT that should improve. She is also undergoing nightly injections of growth hormone due to damaged caused from the radiation.  The growth hormone did manage to grow her another 2 inces (2009).  She is still way under the height and definately the weight scale for her age!

She is a joy to be around. She loves to dance and she sings like an angel. Her FAITH has never once wavered... Her STRENGTH comes from above. I LOVE HER SO MUCH..... SHE IS MY BLESSING!  She is my little JESUS FREAK!  (and yes - in my house that is a GOOD thing).

She does have a fund if you would like to contribute (medical & other neccesisities), please call Kim Dubin at (hm) 918-683-5541 (c) 918-616-1299 email address or instant message me on Yahoo : gregandkimdubin