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  • Written Dec 12, 2011 3:22pm

    We are heading into Christmas vacation at school, and Nigel is in the swing of things. He is maintaining an excellent grade average and truly enjoys being in the classroom. He is in the fourth grade. Gaby Garcia, his aid, is with Nigel all day and everyday at school. He needs some assistance getting around school and within the learning agenda. Nigel is in Mr.Rowan's classroom at Baldwin Lane Elementary.

    Mr. Rowan runs a tight ship. His ability to expand the interests of all those minds at once is amazing. He is extremely organized.

    Between Nigel's teacher, aid, and 30 something very helpful classmates, school is a positive experience. At home Nigel has shown more independence and responsibility toward his homework.

    Nigel's quarterly MRI of October came back with stable results. No change is a good thing. His scans are over two hours long and require sedation. Our January scan will be done under new technology. Instead of sedation, children are given a pair of "movie goggles". They can watch a film of their choice while undergoing the scan. Medically, Nigel does not have any procedures coming up besides MRI's at this point. What a blessing! We are currently researching various avenues of Nigel's physical therapy. His ability to walk without assistance is improbable at this time.There is nothing medically out there to repair the trauma caused to his brain. All though he has adapted a new center of balance, we are seeking all possibilities to improve his physical abilities.

    Nigel is looking forward to getting some runs in on the slopes this year. He has actually been skiing again for the last two years. His initial reunion on the snow came with many helping hands and equipment from our awsome Adaptive Recreation Program at Bear Mountain. He is now skiing with minimal assistance. Thank you all for your love, care and support, Nigel's success is shared by all.



  • Written Sep 15, 2011 12:13am

    Nigel has had a very busy year, school, baseball, skiing, Physical Therapy, and his continued Doctors visits. Nigel had surgery on his eyes to straighten them early in the year; this has really helped in many ways. The last 5 MRI scans have shown no signs of disease and he should be getting another scan soon.

    Nigel still is not walking on his own and gets around on a walker with wheels, he scoots himself around and is very hard to keep up with. He never complains and has learnt to deal with his new life style. Nigel loves going to the movies and playing board games as long as he wins! He is always ready to help around the house and loves gardening!

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    To all of Nigel’s friends thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts over the past 3 years.

    Tim, Monica, Lucas and Nigel

  • Written Sep 23, 2010 10:12pm

    Loren & Patty Hafen of Holloway's Marina will be holding a fund raiser this Saturday 25th Sept 2pm to help with Nigel's on going treatment everyone is invited.
    The wakeboard cable park will be open so bring your swimwear. We will be BBQ hotdogs and  hamburgers.  There will be Live Music starting at 3pm !  

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