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Hi Everyone,
It's 12/12/11 and I have just given the Goodluck Kangaroo Balls to Jordan Romero for his final climb to Mt Vinson in Antarctica. Jordon took the Goodluck charm on his last climb Mt Everest.



Tim Holland posted a new journal entry.

We are heading into Christmas vacation at school, and Nigel is in the swing of things. He is maintaining an excellent grade average and truly enjoys being in the ... Read more

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If the words: acceptance & adaptation could b physically defined, Nigel & family r truely it's living definition, I being emotionally, spiritually & musically ... Read more

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Hey Nigel ! Happy belated birthday from all the French family !  I was so happy to see the pictures of you on your birthday ! I haven't seen you for a while and I ... Read more

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Hi Nigel, So you love gardening, eh? You should ask Richard for his advice; he really has a green thumb.  Me, on the other hand...well, we just won't go there. So glad ... Read more

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Nigel, Happy birthday a few days late. Hope you are enjoying school and will have a great winter of skiing and playing in the snow.  God bless you. Read more

Yvonne Pfeifer signed Nigel's Guestbook. update on YOU!!!  I was thrilled to rec on update and pics on you Nigel!!! Happy belated 10th Birthday!!!  You are blowing out the candles and were making ... Read more

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Hi Nigel...Ten years old! My time flies! I hope that you had a great day....I'm sure you did with all of the love you have surrounding you. I am so ... Read more

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Nigel, Thanks for the update! You are looking fantastic and we can't believe you're already 10 years old. Ayden and Logan talk about you all the time and they want to ... Read more

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Nigel, You are my hero! God Bless You , You are bound for greatness Love to all of your family Too! Andrea Radford Read more

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Praise the Lord!  Big birthday hugs for Nigel!  Can't wait to see you all  xoxo Read more

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