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Hi Everyone,
It's 12/12/11 and I have just given the Goodluck Kangaroo Balls to Jordan Romero for his final climb to Mt Vinson in Antarctica. Jordon took the Goodluck charm on his last climb Mt Everest.



Tim Holland posted a new journal entry.

We are heading into Christmas vacation at school, and Nigel is in the swing of things. He is maintaining an excellent grade average and truly enjoys being in the ... Read more

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I hadn't gotten any notices in a LOOONG time about Nigel's progress. I was looking up another Caring Bridge and Nigel's site popped up, so thought I would check in. So ... Read more

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             HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIGEL ! WOW you're 11 years old !And an inspiration to me and all of us over here in France.I wish you a really great day with lots of ... Read more

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Hi Nigel -- it was so great seeing you during our recent trip to Big Bear!  It is amazing how well you are have been through so much, but also accomplished so ... Read more

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Way to go Nigel old buddy. I think 2011 is going to be a great one for you. Keep up the good work in school and don't stay out too late New Year's Eve. Have fun on the ... Read more

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WOW,WOW,WOW, What a journey traveled, so proud of you and for you. Many, Many, people  love you and think of you AND your family often. You are truly Blessed.Enjoy every ... Read more

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Hi Nigel !I was so pleased to read the new post and the news about your progress in school ! You got it, you are on the right track ! I'm extremely proud and your courage ... Read more

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                     Happy Holiday's        We hope you are an awsome year!            LOVE from your friends                           ... Read more

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Hi Nigel! This is the first time I have written message to you from my iPhone, a wonderful invention, and I am grateful I remembered my password. There's hope yet. You are ... Read more

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Hey Nigel , it was good to see you at Jordan , Paul and Karens' send off for Antarctica the other night . Great work so far buddy , you are amazing ! Hope to see you on ... Read more

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