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Week 1 at home

The families first trip out of the house was back to Christ Hospital to see Dr. Ilbawi's crew. Poked for labs and x-rays then a chat for an update. Lungs are clear so can take away one dose of Lasix bringing him to 2 a day. Coumadin levels dropped so not at a therapeutic level so will continue to work on that. Weight was a loss so will continue PediaSure through the tube and increase his formula to 27 cal which he takes orally all while keeping to a 860ml fluid restriction. Nico has been running a low grade temperature so was decided to run some more labs. Results showed high platelets, which means something may be up, but not sure what. Will wait for further cultures throughout the week to see. Steri-strips came off the incision and looks beautiful. Physical, occupational and speech therapy will be beginning to help catch him back up from the surgery.