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“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…” as the Carpenters so aptly crooned.

A friend of mine sent me an email last week using that line and now the song is stuck in my head! (Thanks for the “earworm”, Dave! J) I guess appropriately so. It certainly fit when he sent the message and that was our theme song yesterday…and again today.

We muddled through the weekend. We had Naomi with full-blown influenza, still running a fever and Nick recovering from surgery. Sunday night, Nick seemed to be doing a little better. He was getting around the house on his own and didn’t need as much pain medicine. Naomi, on the other hand, was close to being absorbed by the couch. Then came Monday…

Both kids slept quite late…enough to prompt a few checks to make sure they were still breathing. When they did get up, Nick had shaking chills and a temp of 102˚ F and Naomi was febrile as well. After calls to the pediatrician and Nick’s surgeon, we headed in for a visit. And of course to make things more interesting, Nick “decided” to start vomiting just minutes before we were out the door! We were a pathetic looking crew as we arrived to the doctor’s office. Ha! It was most definitely a Kodak moment! J

Long story short, Naomi now has pneumonia on top of the flu and apparently has shared the flu love with Nick. He was wheezing and the ear infection, for which he’d just finished a course of antibiotics, was back with a vengeance. We left with more meds all around.

Nick continued vomiting until late in the evening making it a bit difficult for any of his meds to be effective…including the new antibiotics. Things were rough but he was thankful that he still has his gastrostomy, as it made things a little more comfortable for him. Unfortunately, his fever has continued and even with a large dose of Tylenol in his system, it was 104.6˚ F this morning and 104.8˚ F just now.

Thus, we are headed back in to the doctor…