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Nick and I got home last evening. He’s doing okay today and actually did quite well through the night once he finally got to sleep. Wish I could say the same of Naomi. Poor thing!!! She’s been so sick since Tuesday and was up about four times that I remember. I actually had more sleep in the hospital. Yawn.

Just to recap…surgery was late Wednesday afternoon. Nick stayed in the hospital overnight to make sure his pain was under control. He did fairly well through the night and only needed one dose of IV morphine. Oral medications seemed to hold him. He slept in a little and when he got up, he was feeling pretty good. His IV had infiltrated so he gladly had that removed. He took some pain meds, got dressed, hopped in his wheelchair as discharge orders were being prepared and did his “social rounds” around the hospital. Well…that turned out to be a little more than he was ready for. Within an hour and a half after his meds, he was completely miserable and back in bed crying. Without the IV, he couldn’t get any morphine, so he was given some more valium. He still had pain but the valium did a great job of sedating him. He took a nap and there was an additional pain med ordered. We hung around for the day to make sure that would help.

The neuroma they found was off the sciatic nerve and was quite large. It sounds like there were also several other smaller neuromas surrounding the site…kind of like a cluster of grapes. Somehow the nerve had slipped from underneath the fascia and was just under the subcutaneous tissue. Certainly explains the pain he was having. No one is quite sure how it happened, but between the post-operative “fall off the toilet” and the infection and the surgical revision, it’s not surprising that things could be awry. Dr. Dahl commented that he’d never really seen anything like it in all of his years of practice. He and Dr. Graupman fixed things up and put them back where they belonged. Hopefully this was just a fluke thing and Nick won’t need to worry about it in the future.

Now it’s a matter of healing again. Nick will follow-up with Dr. Graupman in three weeks. We’re praying that things will look and feel great and he’ll be ready to head back to the prosthetists for yet another new set of sockets. Hopefully back up on his legs by mid-April or sooner if possible. He’s got things to do and places to go and life to get on with…and don’t forget about golf! J