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By Megan Howie — Jun 19, 2013 11:47am
Colleen,  I can only begin to imagine the ups and downs on your first
trip to the cabin without your beloved husband.  Colin and I have the
same routine.  He drives, I read or nap, Aiden plays on whatever
electronic in the back seat.  The thought of making that trip without
him seems unbearable.  That being said, you are a very strong woman and
that continues to show!  If you ever want company when you're at the
cabin, we won't be far away.  We have a place just south of Shell Lake
and are up almost every weekend in the summer .  Aiden and Riley are the
same age and I'm sure Aiden would love to play together!  As for signs,
I believe the ones we love will always be here with us!  What a great
way for Nick to prove that to you!  My number is 612-532-3506 if you
ever want company!