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Nicholas’s Story

On 8/12/07, Nick Cafferky broke his neck in the rough Dewey Beach surf, and is now a quadriplegic. After critical care in Delaware and inpatient and outpatient rehab at Kenedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD, Nick is getting ready to go back to school 3/3/08. To keep up with this adventure, please go to

Nick, a truly phenomenal 16 years old kid, was enjoying another summer at Dewey, an annual tradition with family and close friends. Nick had spent this summer working at Grotto Pizza in Dewey and hanging with friends at the beach. Shortly after noon, while playing in the surf, Nick had a serious accident, breaking his neck at C4/C5. He was rescued and revived by the heroes of Dewey Beach Patrol and sent via medivac to Christiana Care Hospital in Newark, DE. He went through surgery to stabilize his vertebrae and prevent further damage to the spinal tissue. Nick is currently recovering at Christiana, awaiting return to the Washington DC area to a rehabilitation center. The accident has left him paralyzed below the chest with only some movement in his arms , very little movement in his hands, and no movement or feeling below the chest.

Nick is a senior at Langley High School in Mclean, VA and lives in Great Falls, VA.

Several people have asked about making a donation to assist with Nick's medical care and rehab, beyond what is covered by insurance. We are only just realizing the tremendous costs of a devastating injury like this. Please visit for information on this and fundraisers being held on Nick's behalf

Latest Journal Update


So folks this is my blatant and attention seeking journal entry to get you all to please visit us at and/or . These sites are set up for the ongoing journal entries and exciting, thrilling, tearjerking, educational news of our family. We have updated photos, fundraising news, media notes and more. And frankly - we really want people to keep posting notes and stories for us and that is the new forum to do so.

You can subscribe to Nick's and Elisa's journals by going to the "stay in touch" link at both sites, and you can get email notification (just like you did here at CaringBridge) or set up an RSS feed if you are more high tech.

Anyway - this is just my bold and obnoxious way to get you to visit the other sites and keep up with us. A new "leg" of the journey will begin on March 3, 2008. I am certain that there will be plenty of fun stories about Nick's return to Langley High School and his march toward graduation.